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Restrictive diets are difficult to follow. This can lead to continuous weight gain of a dieter. In addition, many people don’t have the right mindset towards diet. This can cause weight gain. Weight maintenance is a challenging task. This is because you have to maintain weight in the midst of abundant foods. Exercise may not be enough to maintain weight. Exercise can help with weight maintenance. However too much and heavy exercise will just make the body tired. It is because exercise can use too much energy. This will lead to improper loading of foods.

After the HCG diet is weight maintenance. How is this exactly done? During the HCG diet, you have learned a lot of diet tips. You can use these tips and techniques in weight maintenance. This time you are now free from the HCG hormones. This is the time that your body is now independent of the hormones. It will be a challenge for each successful dieter to stay on the weight loss.

Here some of the tips you can do to keep the weight:

  • Eat Breakfast- You will go to the normal routine of the meal. Eating breakfast is important in health. However, you have to be careful about the food you are going to eat. Do not go back to the eating style that you are used to. Remember that those styles are the cause of why you gain too much weight.
  • Lunch and Dinner- You can adjust the meal style lunch and dinner. You can have a light meal option in one meal. Continue healthy eating after the HCG diet. Healthy food choices must continue until the rest of your life.
  • Be aware of the intake of carbs- Carbohydrates are the number one cause of weight gain. You have to be mindful of the amount of food that you eat. Do not waste the time and effort to lose weight and gain it back eventually.
  • Create your own meal plan- This is a wise way to maintain weight. Create a meal plan that follows a not so low-calorie diet. You can continue the calorie checking of each meal. See to it that you have recorded all the foods that you eat. Do a lifestyle as if you are still on the HCG diet. However, do not do the VLCD. This is only allowed with the HCG hormones.

Stay hydrated- on the HCG diet or not, you have to drink water. Water is responsible for the proper flow of the nutrients in the blood. It promotes fullness and it burns extra calories.