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This is kind of bad news. You cannot use the usual cosmetics and other beauty like you used to. There is limited use of face cream, lotions, and other cosmetics. It is because these products may harm the HCG diet. Most of the lotions and cosmetics are made with animal fat. These are harmful in the body and are prone to weight gain. The body absorbs everything that is applied. That is why we must be careful of the ingredients of the things that we are using. This has the same impact as eating. The body gets the oil from the fats of the lotion that we applied. It is gained through skin contact.  This will soon be stored in the fats stores. Follow the rules strictly when it comes to the use of lotion.

You do not have to worry or panic. You will still be beautiful and appealing while you are on a diet. You are always beautiful in a natural version of yourself. HCG diet has a list of the allowed products for skin and beauty care. This is a natural based product. These are not made from any form of harmful oils and oil-based ingredients. You will look more youthful in the midst of the diet. It is because the HCG hormones itself can preserve the complexion. It will take care of the skin and muscle health. Thus, HCG gives you a healthier look as you get your weight loss.

There are skin lotions and moisturizers that are safe to use. HCG diet allows mineral oil and baby oil. However, the oils that contain Vitamin E must be avoided as of now. These products can be purchased in the stores. There are oil-free sunscreen products. The HCG diet hormones are sensitive in everything that comes in and out of the body. There is a list of the allowed and not allowed things and foods in the diet. Weight loss is possible and easy if the protocol is followed carefully. The HCG diet is not just on the restriction of foods and meal portion. Each hcg dieter must also be careful of the lotions and cosmetics.

The purpose of the restriction is to guide the dieter to step on the right track of the diet. Each step must be accomplished. Do not be focused on what is not allowed. Do not feel bad about it. There are things that are more than what is restricted in the diet.