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Lose 20 Pounds in Three Weeks through the HCG Diet

Lose 20 Pounds in Three Weeks through the HCG Diet

The 500 calorie diet on the HCG protocol is not as intimidating as it seems. It is a safe process that aids obese people in losing weight. Combine the VLCD with daily HCG injections to help you lose up to 20 pounds in three weeks. Regardless of your body type, the HCG works fast in burning the unwanted fats in your body.

The best part about the HCG diet is it does not require you to hit in the gym to stave off fats. It allows you to lose weight in the comfort of your home and even though you are busy working. Avoid releasing your energy on a strenuous workout because:

  • It does not help in weight loss.
  • It can cause fatigue and stimulate your appetite.
  • The HCG can help you lose weight by resetting your metabolism.
  • The HCG can burn fats by suppressing your food appetite.

These are reasons why working out may not do well on the HCG diet. Nonetheless, it does not mean that you will maintain an inactive lifestyle. The HCG allows you to perform low-intensity activities or incorporate walking into your routine. It helps in boosting your metabolic rate.

Here are Tips to Lose 20 Pounds in Three weeks during the HCG Diet:

  • Increase your intake of vegetables and fruits. Fiber-rich foods help in suppressing your appetite and increase fat-burning.
  • Avoid using cooking oils because they can interfere with the HCG.  Stick to healthy cooking methods permissible during the HCG diet.
  • Load more on lean meats to gain protein. It helps in sending satiety and suppresses your appetite. Protein-rich foods help in burning excess fats and maintain your muscle mass.
  • Substitute your carbs cravings with cauliflower or broccoli. They have similar satiating effects with carbohydrates but fewer calories. Avoid eating starchy vegetables because they can stimulate hunger during the VLCD.
  • Drink more water to boost your metabolic rate and reduce your appetite for unhealthy foods. Drinking water can also reduce at least 13% of your calorie intake. It also staves off toxins during the HCG diet.
  • Set a sleep schedule because it is beneficial during the HCG diet. It helps during digestion, fat-burning, and metabolism by renewing your energy. Sleep deprivation can cause hunger and weight gain.
  • Chew your food slowly because digestion starts in your mouth. It will help you practice mindfulness and determine satiety before you will overeat.
  • Avoid lifting weights. Unlike other weight-loss regimens, the HCG diet does not allow weightlifting and bodybuilding because it can cause fatigue. Lifting weights can consume your energy and stimulate your appetite. As a result, you can experience persistent cravings and muscle loss.

The HCG can help you lose 20 to 30 pounds a month when you adhere to the protocol. Avoid the causes of a plateau and weight gain to reach your weight loss goal on time. Visit your doctor or dietician regularly to guide you during the HCG diet. Track your progress every day by weighing to determine gains and losses.