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It will be difficult for you to lose weight when you do not know where to start. You have to understand the basic things about the diet protocol. If you neglect the basic things, you will surely settle for less. Make sure to fully understand the entire protocol for greater result. Losing weight through the HCG diet requires you to follow the caloric intake. This means that you should and must consume not more or fewer calories than what is allowed.

The main phases of the HCG diet

HCG diet Phase 1

This is known as the loading phase which lasts for 2 days. The loading phase helps in detoxifying your body. The loading phase prepares your body to healthily overcome cravings and hunger. It also teaches your body to deal with cravings on sugary, fatty and oily foods. You can eat as many foods as you can during this phase. Focus on loading to high fats food. It will prepare your fats stores for a very low-calorie diet. The loading phase is the only time that you are allowed to anything at any amount.

HCG diet Phase 2

Phase 2 is the burning phase. The actual weight loss begins in this phase. The 500 calorie intake is combined with the regular HCG shot. The HCG shot helps in curbing hunger and cravings. It also resets your brain to improve your metabolic rate. You have to maintain the intake of healthy food choices. Make sure to properly portion each food to meet the nutritional needs of your body. Phase 2 is the time that your brain is being set to send a signal for faster fat burning. The burned fats will be sued by your body as an energy source for various biological functions. Keep away from the foods that have high sugar, salt, oil, and other harmful ingredients.

HCG diet Phase 3

Phase 3 is called the maintenance phase. It begins immediately after the VLCD. The purpose of this is not to lose weight anymore. Phase 3 is the time that you have reached your weight loss goal. Your new goal for this phase is to maintain the weight that you have reached. It is also during this phase that you will slowly introduce more food choices. However, you still have to avoid fats, sugar, and starches. Each of the phases of the HCG diet has a comprehensive diet plan. There are corresponding calorie requirements in each phase.

What are the known secrets you can do to succeed on the HCG diet?

  • Stick to the diet protocol

Do not ignore the diet protocol. Do not be tempted by unhealthy foods such as sugar and fats. HCG interacts in your body and leads to faster weight loss. Do not introduce processed foods that will ruin your weight loss. The HCG diet protocol will help in reaching your weight loss goal. It will keep you on your diet track without causing any slip. Sticking to the diet protocol will keep you from confusion. It will also guide you for the foods you will eat and avoid.

  • Do not wait until you starve

Having a 500 calorie intake per day seems intimidating. However, this is different from other VLCD. This is because the VLCD during the HCG diet is safe because of the diet hormones. It curbs hunger and cravings and changes your metabolic rate. Do not wait until you starve to avoid mindless eating. Starvation will increase your stress levels and may cause you to eat too much. Starvation causes you to eat impulsively on unhealthy food choices. Keep an easy to grab food that you can eat in case of hunger. Do something when physical hunger strikes. It is your body’s signal that you need nutrients.

  • Coffee and green tea always helps

Choose unsweetened tea and coffee. Tea is loaded with antioxidants and it is also a host of other health benefits. Coffee as well helps in boosting your mood and brain focus. Tea and coffee help in increasing your metabolic rate. Drinking coffee and tea helps in fat burning. It has low calories that fit during your very low-calorie diet.

  • Drink water

Hydration matters most during the HCG diet. This is one of the limitless things during your HCG diet. It helps curb your hunger and lowers your cravings. Water also helps in suppressing your appetite and helps you control in eating. Water takes off toxins and burned fats from your body. It keeps you stay energized and controls your blood pressure. Drink an adequate amount of water each day to aid in reaching your weight loss goal.

  • Use water-based cosmetics

A water-based cosmetic does not affect your weight loss. Be careful in purchasing products and avoid oil-based products. Use water-based moisturizers to hydrate your skin. You do not have to worry about skincare during the HCG diet. This is because the HCG makes your skin more radiant and keeps your skin healthy. It keeps your skin elastic even during the rapid fat burning. It restores the natural look of your skin and keeps it healthy for the entire process.

  • Split your 500 calorie meal and eat slowly

Overeating can dent your weight loss efforts by increasing more calories. Eating fewer foods helps you control and curbs hunger. It lowers your urge to eat too much food that may go beyond the 500 calorie diet. Split your 500 calorie meal into 5 parts for you to have something to eat in between meals. It will provide enough calories to power your day. Track your food intake and make sure that you eat organic foods and whole food products.

  • Meditation

Meditation has been shown to have great effects on lowering stress levels. It will help in boosting your mind and focus. It will help in lowering your stress level so that you can avoid emotional eating. Meditation will boost your focus and will improve your metabolic rate. It helps you become more aware of your thoughts and actions. It helps you focus more on your diet protocol.