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Lean meats such as beef and chicken are approved on the HCG diet. Lean meats contain the richest level of protein. During the HCG diet, you need to eat protein every day. It will help you maintain satiety and curb your hunger. Choose the leanest piece of meat every meal to boost your weight loss. Meat is considered as lean when it has no fats on it.

Why choose lean beef and chicken meat for the HCG diet?

Lean beef and chicken meats have low fat. Lean beef and chicken meat contain high levels of protein. It is also a good source of vitamin B12 which is important to maintain a healthy body. Opt to have lean beef and chicken meat on VLCD instead of the processed meat. You can have at least 200 grams of lean meat per day while you are on the VLCD.

How often can you eat lean meats during the HCG diet?

You must eat lean meats every day, especially on your major meals. You must have a portion of lean meats during lunch and dinner. You must not skip this meal because it improves your fullness and controls your appetite. Lean beef and chicken meats also maintain healthy blood pressure. It can also help in the production of iron and red blood cells.

How do lean beef and chicken meats help on the HCG diet?

Lean meats help during the HCG diet by lowering your cholesterol levels. Opposing to popular belief, lean meat is not a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. Eating lean meat can lower plasma cholesterol. It is healthy and beneficial as long as you have them according to the HCG diet protocol.

Lean meats can also control your appetite. When you eat them during the HCG diet you are less likely to get hungry or eat more foods. Lean beef and chicken meats also help in preserving your muscle mass during the fat burning phase. Trim the visible fats of beef and chicken meat before cooking. You also have to make sure that you weigh them raw to maintain proper calorie intake.

Do lean beef and chicken meat adds calories during the VLCD?

The answer is YES. These meats can add more calories but you have to control them. You will only get the calories your need per day from lean meats. Consuming too much can deposit more calories in your body. On Phase 2 of the HCG diet, you have to make sure that you get 100 grams of lean meat per meal. It will help you maintain the proper intake of protein. Protein allows your body to renew dead cells and it also builds your immune system.

Can you mix beef and chicken meat in one meal for your VLCD?

You can eat these meats on the same day but you cannot mix them. Avoid mixing two types of meat in one serving. It is better to have chicken for lunch and beef meat for your dinner. When you mix meats there is a possibility that you will end up gaining more calories.