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The HCG diet is a protocol designed for rapid weight loss. The protocol is made to give significant weight loss in a short period of time. HCG is a hormone produced in the placenta. This is first used to treat infertility to both men and women. Dr. Simeon had discovered that it has the capability to treat obesity. Physicians are permitted to use HCG for weight loss. The main function of the hormone is to target fats in hard to reach areas. It suppresses hunger and reset the metabolism of the hcg dieter.

Before going to the HCG diet, consult first a doctor. This will assess the body’s strength to go through the diet. Eat as much food as you can in Phase 1 of the diet. The first part is the loading Phase. Each dieter is allowed to eat as much food as he can. You will load on more food from time to time. The main target of this phase is to load many foods. This is to develop fats stores. Eat as much food as you can in 5 days before you do the VLCD. This will store fats that the body will use as an energy source. The stored fats will be used by the body during the calorie restriction period.

Hunger is normal in the first three days of the VLCD. It is because the body is still resetting to the new routine. The right amount of HCG Injections will help in curbing hunger. The HCG hormone is an appetite suppressant. Interruptions in the diet may cause a delay in the weight loss. There are also situations that will cause a weight stall. However, most of the patients of the HCG diet do not feel hungry at all. This is the best effect of the HCG diet in weight loss. There are no worries in cases of hunger and energy supply for the body. The fats in the fat stores are used by the body for energy as it burns calories. The HCG diet fat burning is rapid if the protocol is followed properly.

Keeping off the hunger is easy. You just have to inject the exact amount of the HCG hormones. This is done every morning right after you weigh in. See to it that you have injected the daily dose of HCG in the VLCD. You cannot do the VLCD if there are not HCG hormones. Remove sugary foods and carbs to avoid future cravings.