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The HCG diet is known for its ability to suppress your appetite during a very low-calorie diet. It reduces abnormal fats and curbs cravings and hunger. The HCG diet is a zero sugar and fat diet program for three to six weeks. On the HCG diet, you need to stave off sugar, soda, pastries, and carbohydrates. The mechanism of HCG is straightforward in burning your body fats.

What is a Ketogenic diet?

The ketogenic diet, on the other hand, is a low-carb diet. It gets calories from fats and protein and lowers your carb intake per day. The ketogenic protocol requires you to reduce your intake of carbs, pastries, and other food products.

Is the HCG diet a ketogenic regimen?

The HCG diet protocol is not a ketogenic protocol but, it produces ketosis. It brings the body into a fat-burning state to supply the energy requirements of your body. The HCG uses ketones as the source of fuel which is from your fat stores. It happens during the process of metabolism. When the HCG stays in your system, it will begin to burn fat for energy.

The HCG diet protocol VS Ketogenic diet

  • During the HCG diet, you can lose up to five pounds per week. The ketogenic burns up to two pounds per week.
  • In general, the ketogenic diet has lots of processes than the HCG diet. The HCG diet is straightforward to deal with your body fats.
  • The HCG diet does not allow fats and oils during the VLCD, while the ketogenic regimen allows olive oil, coconut oil, and butter.
  • On the HCG diet, you can eat two meals. It must contain a serving of approved food products such as protein, vegetables, fruits, and a breadstick. For your drinks, you can have water or sugar-free tea and coffee.
  • The HCG diet maintains muscle mass during rapid fat burning. The ketogenic can lose both muscle and fat mass during the regimen.
  • The ketogenic diet considers dairy products. During the HCG diet, you should avoid them except for cottage cheese.
  • You can experience hunger in the HCG and ketogenic diet. But, the hunger pangs during the HCG diet are mild than Keto. It’s because the HCG controls your starvation.

The ketogenic diet limits every food choice and specific drinks. It allows carb limit depending on the following:

  • The protein you eat
  • Your stress level
  • The intensity of your exercise regimen
  • And on how keto-adapted you are

Can you do the HCG and ketogenic diet together?

The answer would be NO. It is because the HCG diet has a specific protocol to follow for rapid fat loss. The HCG diet protocol does not allow most of the foods you can eat during the ketogenic diet. You should figure out the specific foods that are healthy for your body during fat loss. The HCG diet has a variety of food choices that you can get. It can burn fats without adding intense workouts.