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Being dedicated to the diet is all that HCG wants. What if interruptions may come? There are a lot of interruptions that may come in the period of hcg diet. How would you resist or stay on track in such situations? This article is written not to push buyout in interrupting the diet. This is made to guide hcg dieters in cases of interruptions. You may expect a slight weight gain but make sure to make it up in using the HCG Injections.

What is an interruption and how to do it?

Interruption is when you merely stop the VLCD for a reason. This is in the HCG protocol. HCG interruptions have a guide on how to do without slipping off from the track. Take note that plan interruptions are only for emergency purposes. This is known as “resuming” where you left off.

How is interruptions done?

  • Get off the HCG you usually would
  • Increase the calorie for at least 800- Eat to hunger for the calorie intake.
  • Eat following the Phase 3 Style
  • If the break is less than 2 weeks, there is no need to load up

Tips for successful interruptions

Interruptions should be after the 20 days of VLCD. This is like transitioning in Phase 3. Interruption is allowed on the first day. Be careful doing this because it may regain the weight very quickly. Take the last dose in the morning only. Do the VLCD in 2 days additional then start eating Phase 3 style.

Eat at least 500calorie a day. Avoid sugar and carbs on interruptions so that you will not regain the weight. If you eat sugar and carbs, make sure to lose it before doing the VLCD again. You may focus on healthy fats and protein if you planned interruption.

How to get back on track?

Get out of the hook- Save yourself. Do not overindulge in interruptions. The body may find hard to adjust again. Make sure that your body is ready to do the VLCD. Do not eat too much and abuse the body. You will just make the diet stressful and difficult. You can just treat yourself with 500 calories worth of delicious food. Make your diet be joyful and not agonizing. HCG is not a diet that deprives you.

Check the food labels- For you to easily get back to the track, check every food label that you eat. Do this during the interruption period. List the food and calorie label that you eat. This is the best way to know how much to lose in the VLCD.

Drink water- Drink plenty of water to help take out all the excess fats and toxins. Water can help you stay full. This will help you avoid in eating too much during the interruptions.