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The metabolic rate is the calorie required to keep your body functioning. It is a process that combines nutrients to be able to produce energy. The energy will be then used by your body for various biological functions. This is important for bodily functions such as your heart rate, brain activity, and breathing. The factor that affects your metabolic rate is your gender, age, and muscle fat-tissue.

The slower the metabolic rate the more leftover calories in your body. The unburned calories will then be converted into body fats. If your metabolic rate is fast your body can burn more calories than what is being stored. Slow metabolic rate is one of the causes of why you are gaining weight.

On the HCG diet, you are not only losing weight but also your metabolic rate will be improved. This is through the natural design of the HCG which is to reset your metabolism to be able to burn fats. It is a safe and natural diet regimen that helps in treating obesity even without any weight loss surgery.  You can lose weight faster, safer, and healthily through the HCG diet.

How does the HCG boost your metabolic rate?

The HCG is a natural hormone produced by pregnant women. It is used for the development of the fetus inside the womb. However, HCG also has shown properties that help treat obesity. It has been used for years in treating obesity and weight gain. The HCG reaches a certain part of your brain that is responsible for metabolism. The HCG will reprogram your hypothalamus to improve your metabolic rate. Through this, there will be rapid fat burning. This is important especially during the very low-calorie diet or P2 of the HCG diet.

To boost metabolism

  • You will be able to lose weight when the calories you eat are lesser than the calories your body burns. The faster your metabolism the faster you lose weight. There are also useful ways and tips to be able to boost metabolism naturally. This is a good way to get rid of your stubborn body fats and other struggles in losing weight.

Here are some techniques to boost your metabolism on HCG diet

  • You can accompany light activities if you are not hungry or tired. Physical activities can help boost your metabolism. It can also burn excess calories.
  • On P2 of the HCG diet, you are allowed to do the walking, jogging, yoga, and swimming. You just have to make sure that it does not consume too much of your energy.
  • Have enough time to sleep. A night of good sleep helps boost your resting metabolic rate. It is also a good time for your body to process the nutrients.
  • Drink more water. This is to avoid thirst and unhealthy cravings. A thyroid check is also a must to be able to track your weight loss.
  • Eat foods that have negative calories such as broccoli, cucumbers, celery, and other vegetable allowed during the HCG diet.
  • Eliminate carbs and other unhealthy food ingredients in your diet. Instead of having carbs and sugar, you can just increase your intake of protein. Protein improves the feeling of fullness it can also improve your metabolic rate.
  • You can also drink more tea or coffee. However, you are not allowed to add creamer or sugar to it. You can substitute sugar with stevia. This is a natural sweetener that is safe during the VLCD.

There are also habits and lifestyle that you can incorporate during the P2 of the HCG diet. These lifestyles are healthy and may also aid in maintaining a fast metabolism. During phase 2 you should be watchful of your food intake especially on the number of calories that you will be eating.

There may be some weight gain but you do not have to panic and worry too much. Weight gain and hunger during phase 2 are just normal during the first three days of the VLCD. This will be gone right away when your body starts to adjust fully to the VLCD.

Menstruation and HCG—what will you do during menstruation?

Will the HCG works in your metabolism when you have menstruation? Yes. The HCG still works however, you should stop having HCG for the meantime. Taking a break during menstruation is allowed as long as you have to continue your low-calorie intake. Your metabolic rate will remain at a high rate as long as you continue to follow the diet protocol.

Easy ways to rev up your metabolism during the HCG diet

  • Be smart on snacking- The HCG diet does not deprive you of having snack. However, you have to be careful with your snack foods. You are not allowed to eat the foods that you usually eat which cause your weight gain. Grab fruit instead to maintain the low-calorie intake. Fruits as well can improve your metabolism.
  • Power up with protein- This is one of the most important foods during the HCG diet. The high levels of protein are commonly found in lean meat. Have at least 100 grams of lean meat in every meal during the VLCD. You can also eat non-fatty fish meat, shrimp, and crab meat. The lean protein stays longer in your stomach.
  • Avoid skipping on your diet– HCG diet is not a past time. It is an obligation and goal that you need to reach. Skipping a day or two on your HCG diet is a total disaster. It affects your overall weight loss journey. You also have to maintain your HCG shot. This is the most important thing to be able to lose weight. The VLCD is only allowed when you are administering the HCG. Through the HCG, your metabolism will be improved.
  • Lower your stress level- High-stress levels can affect the level of your hormone. It produces more hunger hormones that can boost your appetite. The HCG works as an appetite suppressant. However, if you have high-stress levels you will experience eating disorders. This eventually affects your metabolism.