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Water is a calorie-free drink that your body needs every day. Drinking an adequate amount of water helps transports oxygen and nutrients to your body. Water is also helpful in flushing waste products so that your kidney and liver will have a lesser burden. Water is vital while taking your HCG injections.

Drinking water during the HCG diet help burn more calories and suppress appetite. The technique of not having too much food is to drink water before meals. It improves fullness and lowers your calorie intake during the HCG diet. The benefits are even greater when you replace sugary drinks with water.

Water requirements during the HCG diet

According to Dr. A.T.W Simeons, you can only have water, tea, and coffee during the VLCD. It means that the rest of the processed beverages are not allowed. The protocol of the HCG diet promotes having two liters of water per day to lose weight.

Notes on drinking water during the HCG diet

  • There is such thing as too much water that can affect the level of sodium in your body. It only means that you stick to what is allowed for you during the VLCD.
  • Having too much water is not good and may cause dizziness and fatigue.
  • Drinking water is as important as your HCG shots
  • You cannot replace your HCG meals with water. Your body needs food nutrients to function well
  • Avoid drinking the two liters of water all at once. Kidneys cannot get rid of too much water which can dilute the sodium in your blood
  • Drink a glass of water with one-hour interval to avoid excess water in your body

How will you know that you are drinking enough during the HCG diet?

Stick to the plan of Dr. Simeons in drinking water. It will assure you that you are on a safe track. Track your water drinking scale by checking your urine every morning. The color of your urine defines your hydration. Be aware that a smaller amount of urine and dark color means you need to hydrate.

Weighing yourself every day also helps you know that you are drinking water. Lack of water can cause weight loss stall or water weights. If you see an irregular rising of your weight on the scale then you might be having less or too much water. Water retention means your body is compensating for all the sodium you took in.

What kind of water is suitable for HCG diet?

During Phase 2 of the HCG diet, you can drink mineral water only. Avoid drinking flavored water or juices. Stick to mineral water to prevent gaining extra loads of calories. Drink the required amount of water during the VLCD to mitigate most of the water retention caused by too much salt intake.

The goal of taking your HCG injections is to lose body fats. Having an adequate amount of water can help the HCG to release toxins from your fat stores. Without enough water, you get often confused with signals of hunger or thirst. It leads to a possible binge eating session to satisfy hunger and cravings.