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Food labels are the official tag and brand of foods that contain a descriptive matter. Food labels tell you if the food will make you hungry or keep you full. Every food product should provide food labels in its package as part of legal requirements. Reading food labels will help you get information about the product you will buy during the HCG diet.

When trying to figure out what the food you are buying contains, ignore the front of the package. Some of the front package labels are misleading to get the attention of consumers. During the HCG diet, you should be wise enough and read food labels. Either you are hungry or not, you should read food labels.

Things that make up a food label

  • It has specific details of the serving size and calories
  • Food labels show calories from fat so you can avoid or limit certain product during the HCG diet
  • Food label tells you what percentage of the total amount of nutrients you need each day base on the 500 calorie diet
  • You can also see the total fat of each food product such as saturated fat and Trans Fat
  • Reading food labels also specify how many milligrams of cholesterol is present and how much value your diet recommend daily
  • You can also see the complete detail of how much sodium or salt and carbs that each product has
  • Food labels also present the details of the amount of fiber and protein is in your food

Why is reading food labels important during the HCG diet?

Food labels give more information about the food choice that you are buying. It contains information on specific dietary needs like protein, vitamins, and minerals. Reading food labels can guide you on how you will separate foods that are exclusive to your diet. It will help you separate the foods that are high in calories from the foods that you can eat.

Reading food labels is part of the HCG diet protocol

The protocol of the HCG diet only limits your food intake to 500 calories per day. It only means that you will need foods that are nutritious but do not contain loads of calories. The role of food labels will serve as your guide to follow the diet protocol. It will help you stick to a zero sugar and carbs diet during the VLCD.

Food labels make it easier to liken different food. You can determine which food is healthy for your and which food can work with the HCG. As part of the protocol, food labels keep you from misinformation and misleading claims.

Hungry or full you must read food labels to understand the significance of nutrients than calories. It will keep you from eating foods that can affect the work of HCG in dealing with your body fats. Hungry or not, read food labels to avoid foods that stimulate your appetite. Make it part of your routine so you can reach your weight loss goal on time.