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Eating at night is one of the biggest enemies when you try to lose weight. Nighttime eating habits lead to rapid fat storage. Your metabolism starts to slow down at night time. It is because you are preparing your body to rest. When you eat a lot at night, it will boost the storing of fats in your body.

How does nighttime binge eating affect your HCG diet?

Overeating at night ruins the mechanism of HCG. It stores fats in your body. Binge-eating can slow down your metabolism. Ensure that you eat healthy and filling foods.

A healthy snack won’t affect you too much. But, when you eat carbs, you will gain weight on the next day. Binge-eating at nighttime is worst than junk foods. It affects your weight and the balance of calories in your body.

Here are five methods to stop nighttime binge eating:

  1. Avoid skipping meals. Meals are vital during the second phase of the HCG diet. You cannot eat solid food for breakfast but, you can drink coffee and tea. Binge eating at night is an effect of skipping meals. Eat a small meal from time to time to maintain satiety. You can do it by splitting the 500 calorie allocation.
  2. Avoid starving yourself. Not eating foods leads to overeating at night. Starving yourself can cause high stress levels. It triggers intense hunger pangs. Keep some food with like fruits. Eat a  healthy lunch every day to avoid indulging at dinner.
  3. Eat a balanced dinner. Ensure you eat enough protein, vegetables, and fruits. It stops you from eating another meal for midnight. Protein-rich foods keep your satiety. Avoid eating meals with sugar and fats.  A balanced dinner suppresses your appetite before you sleep.
  4. Eat your dinner on time. The best time to eat your dinner is four to five hours before sleeping. Eating late increases your appetite for unhealthy foods. Eating on time will give you enough time to digest.
  5. Drink lots of water throughout the day. Water suppresses appetite. This method in preventing binge eating works for all. For dinner, you can drink at least three glasses of water. Substitute processed drinks with water. It removes food chemicals that trigger cravings.

Can high-stress levels trigger nighttime overeating?

Yes. Stress is one of the reasons why you are gaining weight. Insomnia is also one of the effects of stress. It triggers your appetite. High-stress levels result in occurrences of cravings. Try some stress control methods like yoga and meditation. It helps control your appetite. Sleeping is also a way of alleviating high-stress levels.

How does sleeping help in dealing with nighttime binge-eating?

Sleeping deals with symptoms of binge eating. It prevents you from high stress levels. Reset your sleep schedule. Ensure that you get eight to ten hours of sleep per day. Sleeping signals fullness in your brain. It allows your body to digest foods. Talk to your doctor if you have insomnia. It is because it can be a pitfall to your weight loss.