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How to Increase your Fullness When you Exercise on the HCG Diet?

How to Increase your Fullness When you Exercise on the HCG Diet?

When you exercise, there is a tendency that you get hungry because you are spending energy on the activity. The calorie cut down during the HCG diet may cause an imbalance of your physical activity and appetite. Ensure that the level of your physical activity during the HCG diet does not overpower your energy supply.

When you are trying to lose weight, cut your food intake that includes fats and carbs. The HCG diet has required calorie requirements for your body every day. Ensure that you will not resort to binge-eating when you incorporate exercise on the VLCD.

How to Increase Fullness on the HCG Diet?

  1. Eat apples. You can eat half of a medium-sized apple in the morning before you begin exercising. Apple is rich in fiber and, it allows your body to maintain satiety without adding calories.
  2. Eat more protein-rich foods. The leanest cut of meat increases your satiety during the HCG diet. It is also beneficial in preserving your muscle mass during the fat-burning phase of the program. Protein also reduces your appetite and hunger levels during the VLCD.
  3. Drink lots of water. It suppresses your appetite by increasing your satiety during the VLCD. Drinking an adequate amount of water during the HCG diet helps boosts your metabolic rate without adding calories. Water is also responsible for increasing the circulation of blood and nutrients in all parts of your body.
  4. Eat your meals on time. Avoid prolonging your hunger because it leads you to overeat on the next meal. Increase your fullness when you exercise by eating meals on time.
  5. Take some time to relax. Stress kicks up your cortisol levels into high gear and increases hunger after exercising. Avoid stress by relaxing your body after working out. Calm your brain if you are juggling responsibilities in your home and work. Relaxation increases healthy hormones and maintains fullness.
  6. Split your meal. It is a healthy technique of keeping satiety without adding calories to your meal. You can split the 500 calorie meal instead of eating them all at once. Divide the meal into five portions so you can eat right away when you get hungry.
  7. Snack on fruits. The approved fruits on the HCG diet are low in calories and increases your fullness when you exercise. Fruits are a healthy substitute for sugary snacks and processed foods. Eat at least two medium-sized fruit every day during the second phase of the HCG diet.
  8. Avoid alcoholic beverages. Drinking alcoholic beverages can stimulate your appetite in unhealthy food resorts. Alcoholic drinks contain loads of sugar and other ingredients that interfere with the HCG. It also affects your sleeping routine and causes occurrences of hunger during the daytime.

The HCG diet permits at least 15 minutes of light exercise twice or thrice a week. Ensure that you are no tired or hungry in exercising to maintain your fullness. Maintain the HCG injections at the same time each day to suppress your appetite during the VLCD.