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The HCG diet has been prompting to take action against your unwanted weight gain. The HCG diet Phase 2 is very specific in what you can and cannot eat. The HCG diet itself can help you lose weight quickly, and get started on a healthier lifestyle. Phase 2 of the HCG diet will help you accomplish a lot for your weight loss goal. You will be cutting down your meal intake to 500 calories per day.

How to complete the 500 calorie meal on the HCG diet?

  1. Follow the laid out plan- The HCG diet phase 2 has a specifically laid out plan. The diet plan or protocol will ensure that you can lose a large amount of weight in a short period. It will guide you with the dos and the don’ts during this phase.
  2. Have your HCG shot daily- The diet hormone does not only help in rapid fat burning. It can also stave off hunger and cravings that can occur during the second phase. It controls your appetite and metabolism. Thus, makes you satisfied even if you are eating fewer calories. The HCG is important in completing your 500 calorie intake per day.
  3. Stick to specific foods for VLCD- The second phase of the HCG diet has limited foods that are allowed. These foods are carefully chosen to work along with the HCG in your body. The specific foods allowed during this phase are low in calories. During this phase, you can have 200 grams of lean protein per day. Consume 2 servings of fruits and vegetables per day to complete the 500 calorie requirements per day.

Foods that can complete the 500calorie meal plan on the HCG diet

For 200 grams of protein per day:

  • White Fish, lobster, and shrimp
  • Crab, extra-lean beef meat, and chicken breast
  • Egg Whites, squid, and scallops

2 servings of vegetables per day

  • Onions, green Salads, and asparagus
  • Celery, broccoli, and fennel
  • Spinach, cauliflower, and shallots
  • Radishes, tomato, and cucumber
  • Beet greens and mixed greens

2 servings of fruit per day

  • Grapefruit and apples
  • Oranges and lemon
  • Strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries

The HCG diet plan for Phase 2

Do not eat anything during breakfast except coffee or tea. Solid foods are allowed during lunch and dinner. This is the time that you will restructure your meal flow to reach 500 calories per day. Weigh yourself daily as well as administer the HCG regularly. You also need to weigh the foods that you are going to cook. To get the best portion of foods weigh it raw and do not fry them. The HCG diet encourages you to steam, grill, or boil your foods instead of frying them.

Break your 500 calorie meals

You can stay full all day while sticking to the VLCD. Break your 500 calorie meal into 5 equal portions. This will help you have something to eat anytime when you are hungry. You can save the fruit serving for your snack instead of consuming comfort foods. You can also take 50grams of the protein portion and have it for breakfast. This technique is safe as long as the HCG is working fully in your system.