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The modern protocol of the HCG diet is an easy process, especially during the VLCD. You are supposed to limit your calorie intake to 500 calories per day on the original protocol. However, the modern protocol increases calorie intake to 800 per day. This protocol gives an easy way when the original protocol seems intimidating. The new method is a longer process than the original plan of the HCG diet.

Both the modern and original methods focus on achieving your weight loss goal through a protein-rich diet. The HCG diet also focuses on incorporating foods without affecting how the HCG works in your body. To kick start the fat burning, you have to be cautious with every food you eat.

Protein is one of the components of lunch and dinner during Phase 2 of the HCG diet. The protein choices limit lean cuts of meat such as beef, chicken, shrimp, crab, and lobster. You can have eggs as a choice, but it is not something you can have every day.

How often can you eat eggs on the VLCD of the modern HCG diet?

Eating eggs should only be done once or twice each week. Do not consume eggs for two to three consecutive days. Too much egg consumption will lead to weight gain. Weight gain happens because of the egg yolk, which contains fats.

The HCG diet protocol allows you to have one whole egg and three egg whites. Make it a habit to separate egg yolks from egg whites every time you opt for an egg. The egg white can be a replacement meal for lean protein meats once in a while. You can eat this as a last choice when lean meats are not available for protein options.

Consuming eggs during the HCG diet is preferable as your meal for breakfast. You can eat whole-boiled egg and three egg whites but do not do it always. Eggs are rich in protein, which improves satiety during the very low-calorie phase. Eating eggs for breakfast helps boost your metabolism and curbs hunger.

Cooking procedure for eggs on the modern HCG diet

You are not allowed to add any oil or fats to your foods. To prepare the eggs, you can use a nonstick pan and spray some coconut oil on it. Take note that you cannot soak or coat your foods with oil during the HCG diet. The suggested cooking procedure, aside from hard-boiling, is to simmer or stem it using water. You can also add some salt or pepper to cooking eggs. As soon as it is ready, you can crush it up and serve it.

Does eating eggs once in a while can cause weight gain on your HCG diet?

Eating eggs often can cause weight gain or weight loss stalls. However, when you consume them once in a while, you cannot gain weight. As long as you follow the protocol on how much egg you can eat, you will not gain weight.