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HCG is a hormone from the placenta of a pregnant woman. HCG for weight loss is founded by Dr. Simeons. It works by preserving the muscle mass as it burns fats. HCG hormones use fats as the source of energy for the body. The weight loss will take place if the protocol is followed properly. The benefit of the HCG diet is; it allows the body to preserve the muscle. It only targets the stubborn fats that are hard to lose. The body will be shaped according to its muscle. It is a selective fat loss and spares the muscle. It changes the body composition and makes it better. Muscle preservation and fat burning are the advantages of the HCG diet. It works differently than any other diet protocol.

HCG diet is not a magic weight loss. It does not have a magic needle that causes magical weight loss. It takes process following the exact protocol. However, HCG is rapid in weight loss. This allows the obese and overweight people to lose weight. It comes with Phases that are needed to be followed properly. As the VLCD enters, the HCG will reset the metabolism. It signals the brain and curbs hunger. This is why it is safe to do a 500 calorie diet. It burns stubborn fats and leaves the muscle. The fats will be used as the source of energy in the midst of caloric restrictions. HCG is known for its fast effect on the body.

It will leave lessons and good habits. As the diet ends, your body is reset for better habits. It will make your body healthier because of the foods that are loaded. Healthy loading and healthy lifestyle is the asset of this diet regimen. HCG diet is prescribed by phases. It has 4 important diet stages. This is to do step by step for the best result. Do not proceed to the next phase without completing the first one. HCG diet is done by many obese and overweight patients. This is proven to be effective and helpful. There are lots of hcg dieters who finished the HCG diet without making a failure.

Failure is normal even to good dieters. There is no reason to feel bad. The good thing is that it will still help the body to lose weight. Failure or cheating can delay weight loss. However, it is still beneficial. Cheating can cause weight gain. but, you can still grab the weight loss and get back on track. There are lots of guidance on how to correct an HCG diet failure.