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The HCG diet limits calorie intake to 500 calories per day making it a rapid weight loss regimen. The VLCD is one of the several factors that contribute to the success of your goal. Weight loss is not always about having the right posture to work out but also with the way you eat. What could affect you most is either you are mindful or mindless when you eat.

What is mindless eating and how does it affect the HCG diet?

Mindless eating is when you eat without listening to your body’s signal. It is a way of eating as soon as you see foods. Eating mindlessly is one of the problems why you are not losing weight on the HCG diet. HCG diet has a strict protocol on loading foods, especially during the VLCD. If you eat mindlessly, you are at risk of weight gain. Avoid unhealthy eating habits such as;

  • Eating while doing other chores
  • Avoiding healthy foods
  • Do not rely on foods especially when you are coping up with emotions
  • Avoid eating foods just to avoid boredom
  • Do not eat fast because you are not in a race
  • Avoid stuffing your stomach until you feel discomfort

Avoiding the habits of mindless eating will help you control your calorie intake every day. It also helps you develop a healthy habit that can help during the HCG diet. The VLCD of the HCG diet will help you develop mindfulness in eating.

What is mindful eating and how it helps during the HCG diet?

Mindful eating is the obvious opposite of mindless eating. It is a healthy eating habit that considers the feelings of your body. Mindful eating is when you learn to eat when you are hungry and stops when you feel full. Being aware of what you eat helps you slow down your pace. You will also learn to pay attention to what you eat. Practice mindful eating by doing the following:

  • Eat only when you are hungry
  • Avoid doing a task or other distractions during mealtime
  • Do not eat when you are driving, watching televisions, or when you are working on something
  • Process your food slowly. Digestions start in your mouth. It means that you have to chew your foods slowly so that your body can absorb them well
  • Notice the flavor, texture, and ingredients of the food you are eating
  • You also have to consider how the food is cooked and where it came from. It is because you cannot eat processed foods during the HCG diet
  • Avoid eating outside especially going to the big celebration such as birthdays
  • Cook your food without using oil or butter. Avoid thick cream to prevent unwanted weight gain. Prepare your foods at home to be aware of the ingredients you are adding.

Taking the HCG shots for weight loss must go with a healthy meal plan. It includes a healthy meal pattern from breakfast until dinner. Eating with focus helps you reach the 500 calorie intake per day without slipping on your diet. It is vital to reach your goal in a short period.