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One common question on HCG is how smoking can affect the hormones. The original protocol of Dr. Simeons does not mention smoking in the diet. However, the protocol requires the dieters to eat clean. This only means that each dieter must have healthy habits. HCG diet allows organic eating and avoids any artificial ingredients. The only artificial that is allowed id the stevia. This opens the mind of the dieters that smoking is not allowed in the diet. Smoking and cigars have the potential to harm the health of a person. Smoking must be stopped before doing the HCG diet. It means that you have to let go of bad habits while on the hcg diet. This will help you succeed in transitioning into a healthy lifestyle.

There is no evidence that smoking hinders weight loss. However, it shows various side effects in the health even before the HCG diet. There is a lot of things to consider in doing the HCG diet. It is not just about limiting food intake. It is also about letting go of the habits that cause you to gain weight. Smoking and HCG diet cannot go along. It must be stopped right before the HCG diet is done. This is a tough decision but it must be stopped. Nicotine can slow down the weight loss process. It will affect the work of the HCG in the body. If you make a choice to lose weight, you have to give up smoking. This will help you improve your health.

Alcohol and other beverages

Alcohol is not good even if you are not in the HCG diet. It is not allowed on the HCG diet. Some of the dieters drink a small amount of alcohol as long as they do not load on carbs. However, if fats and starch are combined it does harm the body and the diet. Alcohol and other beverages are very high in calories. It will surely add too many calories in the HCG diet. Take note that it only allows 500 calories each day. It also affects the liver and other organs.

Alcohol can trigger appetite. This allows a person to feel hunger pains. It eventually leads to overeating. You will find hard to do portion control. It makes you hungrier until you get out of control. Alcohol can also lower the metabolism. It delays the breakdown of foods. Alcohol can affect the muscle and nerves of a person. It can harm the kidney and the liver.