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Are you stuck at home during this pandemic? Are you one of the individuals that gain weight? You stay at home, you are safe from the virus but you are gaining weight. This is maybe because you enjoy too much of your routine. Weight gain during this pandemic is common especially if you express too much of your cooking skills or you have nothing to do but to enjoy foods. The weight gain happens because of the calories you eat per day on the entire month of being quarantined.

The HCG diet is good news to those already struggling because of weight gain and it gets worst during this pandemic. It is because the HCG diet is easy and fast to do without going somewhere or hitting the gym. You can also lose weight without getting any expensive weight loss surgery. The HCG diet can be done in the comfort of your home and you will be safe from COVID-19.

Stop worrying about your weight and start doing something to stop it from worsening. Aside from conforming to the habits of others might as well do something different. Your habits may have changed and get worst but you still have time to change it. You can avoid obesity and weight gain by embarking on the HCG diet. Losing weight is important because most of the patients that are affected by the COVID-19 have weight-related diseases. People with hypertension, high cholesterol level, heart diseases, diabetes, and stroke are vulnerable to the disease.

What are the causes of quarantine weight gain?

The quarantine weight gain is because of your daily routine that is disordered. In the comfort of your home, you may neglect the importance of maintaining a healthy weight. The quarantine affects your daily routine and also with your eating style. Or maybe you get stress with the thing that happens in your surroundings. Maybe you are starting to adopt an unhealthy routine of staying up late at night and eating too many foods or skipping meals. This is because you do no longer have to go to work, school, etc.

There are also instances that you gain weight because of stress and emotional struggles, especially during isolation. Being bored at home, you miss your outdoor activities, etc. can affect your emotional stability. It elevates the stress levels that cause you to gain weight naturally. Anxiety, stress, and other emotional struggles will lead you to overeat. Other causes of a weight gain are because of food hoarding or excessive foods in your storage.

How does the HCG diet help in dealing with weight gain during quarantine?

The comfort of your home is the best place to implement the HCG diet. This is because the HCG diet does not allow you to eat anything from restaurants and food chains. You are also not allowed to eat processed foods. You must prepare your food at home, cook your food at home, and stay at home because of the pandemic. You are only allowed to have foods that are low in calories. During this pandemic, you have a lot of time to grow your food such as vegetables. Healthy food choices help you avoid diseases caused by weight gain.

The COVID-19 targets your immune system. You are vulnerable to the virus especially if you have chronic diseases that are caused by weight gain. The HCG will strengthen and boost your immune system as you lose weight. This is also because of the help of the food choices during your HCG diet. During the HCG diet, you have to start creating a new structure for your daily routine. Instead of eating at any time, you want you to have to start your plan for the very calorie diet.

The HCG is known to target stubborn fats in various parts of your body. This includes your body fats that are not burned by your past weight loss regimen. You do not have to get exhausted in doing workout just to lose weight because the HCG works even without heavy activities. It is the best weight loss aid especially during this time of the pandemic. Every activity, food, routine during the HCG diet is safely done at home. You can still accompany an exercise routine but it is less necessary. The HCG will burn your body fats without touching a single mass of your muscle.

Losing weight through the HCG diet while being isolated at home

This will be your new daily routine pattern in VLCD:

  • As soon as you get up you have to weigh yourself and record it. Take your HCG shot right away.
  • For your breakfast, you are only allowed to have coffee or tea and it must be free from sugar.
  • The important meal of the day will your lunch. This is your time to eat solid foods but make sure that it is properly portioned.
  • In each meal, you must have a portion of meat or protein choice, vegetable, and fruit. You can also add grissini or Melba toast.
  • The meat choices must be at least 100 grams. Take off the visible fats before cooking or choose the leanest part. It is important to weigh it raw to have the exact portion.
  • Lean meat choices are crab, shrimp, fish meat, chicken breast, lean pork meat, and beef.
  • You are not allowed to mix all kinds of vegetables in one serving. HCG diet does not allow mixing vegetables because it has a different level of calories. Prepare 1 kind of vegetable for each meal setting.
  • You can have whole fruit as a replacement for your unhealthy snacks. HCG diet allows apple, oranges grapefruits, strawberry, peach, and apricots.
  • All your snack foods must be portioned properly. Remember that you will only be eating 500 calories per day.
  • You can also add lemon whole lemon juice and stevia. It can be a healthy replacement of the calorie-loaded beverages.
  • For your dinner, you can have the same food portion as you have on your lunch.
  • Avoid sleep deprivation during the HCG diet. It is because a lack of sleep can contribute to weight gain.