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What is osteoarthritis?

This is a common case in a person during the middle age. It is a condition of pain, stiffness in the knee, hip and joints. This is a situation where it relates to weight gain and foods. If you are overweight, you can cut the pain with the HCG diet. The lighter the weight the more you can ease the pain. You can get around without feeling the pain. If the weight is under control, you can get away from the risk of osteoarthritis.

Why does weight matter?

The weight matters because it adds a pound to the joints. The moment you walk or stand you exert a force. However, it causes pain because of heavy pounds. One thing that you can do for this is to lose weight. It is fine to lose weight slowly as you want. It can somehow help in easing the pain. However, losing weight rapidly can help right away. The HCG diet is a good protocol to help in losing weight. Losing weight can ease the situation of the osteoarthritis. Excess body weight impacts directly impact in the bearing of the joint. This is the reason why osteoarthritis is very common in overweight people.

HCG diet is a weight loss approach that is done along with a very calorie diet. This is a method that is recommended for overweight patients. HCG diet does not just counter the weight gain. It also counters the attack of the diseases. HCG relieves pain and strengthens the cell of the body. This is done along with the healthy meals of the HCG diet. The food choice of the HCG diet is used for the health of the body. There are food choices that are good for conditions such as osteoarthritis. The pain will be healed if the HCG diet protocol will be followed properly.

The proper way of HCG diet is staying away from unhealthy foods. HCG diet does not allow carbs and sugar. The HCG Injections works rapidly in the control of weight loss. It releases hormones that can suppress hunger. The reason for the VLCD is to help the hormones to work in the body. To do the diet you have to:

Follow the 500 calorie diet restriction

  • Finish every phase of the HCG diet—do not skip any part of it
  • Do not cheat—follow the HCG meal plan and protocol
  • Be careful on the exercise—do not engage on heavy and tiring ones