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When it comes to weight loss, a routine is very important to stay on track. Create a healthy routine so that you will be able to control the drawbacks of your old habits. A healthy routine can bring consistency with every effort that you put during the HCG diet. During the VLCD it is very important to have a routine in the morning. Your morning routine helps you support your weight loss goals.

The morning habits you can do on Phase 2 of the HCG diet

  • Do not forget your breakfast- yes, you can have breakfast during the VLCD. Do not forget to have your morning sip of coffee and tea as you start your day. It will increase your energy levels and starts your metabolism. Your breakfast coffee or teas will nature your body especially when you are having the HCG shots. Your breakfast coffee or tea will help keep you feeling fuller and feeling satisfied for a long.
  • Drink plenty of water- You can also drink more water before starting your exercise routine in the morning. Drinking water between meals will also help lessen cravings. It also avoids cravings by boosting the sense of fullness in your stomach. Drinking water also helps prevent your body from water retention. Water provides hydration without adding unwanted calories.
  • Weigh yourself- This routine is important to determine what you should add or reduce from your diet. Weighing helps determine the things that would increase your weight loss. It keeps you motivated to do more on your diet. Weighing can also help you make certain efforts when you see some spike in the scale. Weigh yourself every morning at the same time before having your HCG shots. Record your daily weigh-ins in your diet journal.
  • Expose yourself to the sun- The sun rays early in the morning gives direct vitamin D. It is significant in burning calories and fat cells. Early sunlight can shrink the lipid dews in the fat cells under your skin. This is the reason why your fat cells will store fewer fats.
  • Be mindful– Improve your focus by practicing mindfulness. Being mindful helps you focus on the foods that you will be eating during the VLCD. It makes you more aware of your thought so that you can determine hunger and cravings. Mindfulness is also great for your digestion. It gives you more time to process the smell, taste, and appetite towards the food.
  • You can incorporate exercise- To get moving you can incorporate light activities such as walking or running. You have to move, stretch, and wiggle up to stay active. Exercise improves muscle strength that is being affected by sitting the whole day. Light exercise also burns extra calories from the foods you eat. This will lead to lesser calorie and fat deposition in your body.

Your routine in the morning is as important as your routine for the entire day. Morning is when everything is still fresh. What you do in the morning reflects your entire day. Make sure that you have a good start to end your day well. Do not forget to have your HCG shots every morning.