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Carbs are composed of more than one thing. It has sugar, fiber, and starch. Carbs are needed for the body to perform activities. It fuels the body for the activities of the system. If you see the food labels you will see some starch and sugar as an ingredient. Carbs are just everywhere and we are not aware that as we load on to food we gain weight slowly. Starch and sugar can be bad when it is too much. It has effects in the body as well as with the weight. Carbs are not allowed in the HCG diet. It can cause weight gain and may ruin the HCG diet. However, the carbs can be added in the meal after the Phase 3 of the diet process. This is when the weight is ready for stabilization.

Carbs are not bad as long as it is loaded in a limited amount. However, too much of it can cause weight gain. The way of eating as well as the time we eat also affects the weight. The long-term effect of weight gain in the body may cause life-threatening diseases. That is why during the HCG diet phase 4, you have to be extra careful of the foods that you are going to eat. See to it that you will not go back to the old eating habits that you used to before.

Good carbs are the carbs that are beneficial for health. There are carbs that are organic and supports the body to maintain health. The general rule of carbohydrates is to get the food that is rich in fiber. Choose the healthiest foods no matter how much the carbs content is. Categorize the carbs either it is good or bad carbs. Always choose the good carbs and load it in a controlled portion. Remember that the HCG diet is not just about weight loss. It is also about healthy loading and healthy food choices. Good carbs can be found in:

  • Veggies—the best variety of vegetables is good for weight maintenance
  • Whole fruits—you can have apple, strawberries and etc.
  • Lentils, kidney beans, peas, and other legumes
  • Almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts and etc.
  • Whole grains, pure oats, quinoa, and brown rice

This is not the complete list of the good source of carbs. Refer to the HCG diet food list and meal plan for phase 4. It will help you in choosing the best food for weight maintenance.