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Detoxifying helps in taking off unhealthy fats and toxins during your diet. This is allowed during the HCG diet to promote greater weight loss. It cleanses your body from various food chemicals that cause weight gain. The food toxins are the main cause of why you put your health at risk. Detoxifying your body through the HCG diet can stop the rapid build-up of unhealthy fats.

Detoxifying your body attacks the excess type of fat. It does not have too much role in the supply of nutrition in your body. However, it helps you in reaching your weight loss goal. It does not compromise the nutritional profile of healthy foods. It does take off extra fats without spending too much on hard exercise. These extra fats are also caused by toxins. Food toxins are one of the causes of obesity and other weight-related diseases.

This is not required or compulsory on the HCG diet. However, this is an effective technique in burning fats without any slip. There are various foods you can eat during the HCG diet promotes detox. It reverses the possible effects of unhealthy foods in your body. The foods on the HCG diet do not just maintain fullness during weight loss. It can also attack the excess fats in your body and prevents its effect in the future.

What is the benefit of detoxification during the HCG diet?

It promotes fat burning and helps the HCG in promoting a healthy immune system. Detoxification increases alertness, energy, body functions and diseases fighting properties. Detox is a natural elimination of toxins and other causes of weight gain. It eliminates harmful substances that are brought your unhealthy food indulgence. Detoxification is an aid to clean eating and will successfully maintain your weight loss. It gives your body a break from various food chemicals that continuously destroying your health.

The right way of detoxification during the HCG diet

You can do detox by having whole fruit juices that promote cleansing. An example of this is lemonade detox. Make sure to prepare a fruit juice that does not have sugar or any other ingredients. You can only use stevia as a natural sweetener if you want to add flavor on your fruit juice. Detox usually last for 3 days and it is done during your second week on Phase 3. Eat appropriate food choices such as fruits, vegetables and stay hydrated. Water contributes a lot to detoxification because it has no calories. Water as well as the main detox agent that is recommended for a lifetime even if you are not losing weight.

Here are foods that help in detoxification during the HCG diet

  • Asparagus- An excellent detoxifying vegetable with high fiber an antioxidant is asparagus. It is a natural anti-aging vegetable. It filters toxins that come in and out from your liver. One of the anti-inflammatory foods is asparagus. The high fiber in this vegetable is helpful indigestion. It prevents future attacks of cancer and it has vitamin B. Thus, protects your body against different kind of free radicals.
  • Apple- One of the best food for weight loss is an apple. This is also good in detoxifying your body. The high levels of fiber and antioxidants in the apple fruit help in fighting against toxins. It takes out food chemicals and promotes proper production of bile. Apple is also a good plateau breaker and keeps you go back to your diet track. Load more on whole apple fruit than having processed dried fruits.
  • Cabbage- This has a related effect like asparagus. Cabbage has a high level of fiber. The fiber aids in detoxification and taking off toxins from processed foods. Cabbage eliminates toxins and it is very filling as it cleans your digestive system. It is loaded antioxidants that fight against cancer cells and retains more food nutrients. The high level of vitamin K can also maintain your bone health.
  • Ginger- You can use ginger as tea because it is effective in lowering inflammation. It is also a potential metabolism-booster. It lowers inflammation in your colon and detoxifies your body. Ginger can stabilize your blood sugar levels. Ginger has properties that protect your DNA from oxidative damage. Ginger helps in digestion and it also treats nausea.
  • Grapefruit- Grapefruit is effective in fat metabolism. It helps the HCG in taking off unhealthy fats from various parts of your body. Grapefruits have high levels of vitamin C and it is loaded with fiber as well. It boosts your immune system and achieves the natural balance of your body. The best snack for overall health and it is also used as your HCG fruit smoothie. Grapefruit as well as high fiber content that aids digestion.

Tips in detoxifying during the HCG diet

  • Control your intake of calories– Be watchful with your intake of calories, especially on VLCD. Control your intake of calories to mainly avoid weight gain.
  • Indulge in HCG food choices that promote detoxification– The food choices are listed above. It has a low level of calories and it helps you reach your weight loss goal. Choose foods that are rich in fiber and nutritious foods. You can also load more on lean meat such as chicken, beef, crab meat, and pork.
  • Increase the duration of your light-exercise– Light exercise helps you shed sweat. It also burns extra calories from your daily loading. You can increase the duration of your light exercise as long as you are not tired. However, you cannot increase the duration of your exercise when you are doing the VLCD.
  • Avoid staying longer in a stress environment– Natural weight gain happens when you prolong stress. Stress destroys your focus and mindfulness towards weight loss. You can stave off high-stress level by doing yoga or getting enough time of sleep.
  • Stay away from foods that have high sugar levels– Sugar is undoubtedly a weight loss rival. This is because it can instantly cause rapid weight gain. Sugar can also sabotage the work of HCG in rapid fat burning.
  • Do not load on calorie-dense foods– Controlling your intake of calorie is required during the HCG diet. This is because calories can sabotage your weight loss. Stay away from calorie-dense foods such as processed meat, cake, cookies, bread, and pasta.