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What is an HCG Steak day?

HCG steak day is originally from the idea of Dr. Simeons. This is used in the HCG Diet Phase 3. Though, this term is also used in Phase 2 of the HCG diet. HCG phase 2 kind of diet is called “Mini-steak day”

When should you do a Steak Day?

Steak day should be completed any day. This is done when your morning weight is 2.1 lbs. over your last HCG date weight.

How a Steak day is performed?

Here are simple steps for a steak day:

  • Eat nothing all day—as in nothing!
  • Drink plenty of water, tea or coffee (No sugar)
  • For Dinner eat a large steak with an apple or a raw tomato

This step will help to put you back with your HCG diet series. The average weight loss from a steak day must be2-5 pounds. Everyone is expected to respond in different ways. If you do not lose weight on your first steak day, you can do another.

What to do if you need more than one Steak day?

If you are still overweight you may do another steak day. We only do a maximum of two steak days in a row. If you are still over, we recommend you to have a break from steak days and do a high protein day. You must build up your nutritional piles before doing the third steak day.

Why should you try a Steak day?

On phase three of your HCG Diet you are allowed to slowly have sugar and starches. This will also allow you to slowly increase your intake of calorie. During this phase, you are not allowed to have more than 2 pounds. Your weight must not be more than your weight in phase 2.

Steak day will help you pull down the overweight you have. Continue to drink water and coffee or tea during steak day. The good side of steak day is that it is only for one day and for the next day you go over your meals.

HCG steak day is very helpful to get you back on track. This will help those who are in the diet protocol but gained a small bit of weight. A steak a day can be a good motivation to those who lose pounds.


Steak day HCG dieters find it to be great. This is simply a fluid retention, and steak day is a big help to flush out your system and start your next day on the right foot. A steak day is a quick action you need to correct the problem in your HCG diet. This is the best way to do it.