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Cheating on HCG diet will delay or stop your weight loss. It can also cause weight gain because it worsens hunger. You cannot reverse what you have done the moment you see that you are gaining weight. However, you can still correct your weight gain. The common way of correcting your weight gain is to do a steak or apple a day. These steps are created not for you to keep cheating but to help you get back on your diet track. Take note that you cannot do these two steps all at once. You have to choose either you will do the “steak day or the “apple a day”.

What is a steak day and how to do it on the HCG diet?

Steak day is a step to correct weight gains and stall. This is usually done if your weight is 2lbs higher than your last weigh-in. You have to eat nothing all day and have a big steak at dinner. You can cook a huge steak with apple or tomato for your dinner. You can only have water, tea or coffee for your whole day. The purpose of your steak day is to balance the calories in your body.

What is an “Apple a day” on the HCG diet?

An apple a day is also one way of getting back to your diet track. You have to eat anything in the morning. Start your apple day during lunch on the first day and end it at night on the next day. You have to drink more water because apples have small content of natural sugar. Apple a day allows you to have at least 6 apples for the whole day.

What are you going to eat after the steak and apple day?

  • Proteins– Protein choices will help you avoid hunger because it keeps your stomach full. Protein can help in fostering your lean muscle during your weight loss. See to it that you have removed the visible fats in your protein serving.
  • Fruits- You can have 2 fruits a day. Fruits are loaded with vitamins and minerals that are good in maintaining your health. You can have an apple, orange, strawberry, blueberry or grapefruit.
  • Vegetables– You can enjoy more vegetable choices such as spinach, lettuce, cucumber and celery. You can have more vegetable choices that are rich in fiber and other nutrients. However, you are not allowed to mix your vegetable in one serving. You can have one kind of vegetable in each meal setting.