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Greater weight loss comes as soon as you start a new habit. There are effective rules that you can follow to be able to transition to a new habit. You have to follow each rule to avoid slipping from your diet track. You cannot just lose weight because of peer pressure. You have to lose weight because you have to maintain a healthy body. The protocol of the HCG diet will give you a greater possibility of reaching your weight loss goal.

The rules that you need to follow on the HCG diet is a technique that works along with the hormone in dealing with your body fats. This is because the HCG is responsible for curbing hunger and cravings. Thus, prevents hunger pains and other weight gain boosters. This means that there will be less hunger and a greater weight loss will happen. The high metabolic rate will help in burning fats that will be used as a source of energy. That is why you will not need more food during the VLCD.

The major HCG diet rules to follow

  • Avoid sugar and carbs

Avoid foods that have sugar and carbs in any amount. Remember that sugar and carbs are the major contributors to weight gain. You will not lose even a little pound if you continue your unhealthy eating. A large number of calories from the carbs and sugar will destroy the work of HCG. Stop your intake from the foods that have sugar and carbs.

  • Always refer to the diet food list

Refer to the HCG diet food list for your food options. The HCG diet food list is created and well planned for faster weight loss. It will also help in reaching a healthy eating habit and lifestyle. The foods during the HCG diet are whole and organic. Load more on fruits and vegetables that have high fiber and low in calories. 

  • Do not drink sugary and other processed drinks

Stay away from soda, fruit juices, alcohol, energy drinks, and even sweetened milk. This is because these beverages contain a high level of liquid calories, sugar, and other unhealthy ingredients.

  • Stay hydrated

Water is not limited during the HCG diet. It helps in maintaining weight loss. It is also helpful in the proper distribution of nutrients in various parts of your body. Water as well as flushes out toxins from your body during rapid fat burning. You can also have unsweetened tea and coffee.

  • Avoid skipping your meals

This only means that you have to cut down your intake of calories but not to skip your meals. The HCG meals can help in regulating your appetite throughout the day. Refer to the HCG diet food list for healthier food options. Eating meals will stave off hunger and the future attack of cravings.

  • Healthy fats are important during the loading phase

A good source of fats is avocados, olive oils, nuts, and other natural oils. It helps in preparing your fat stores for a successful fat burning. Healthy fats help in improving cardiovascular health. These are also helpful in lowering the attack of high-stress levels. Good fats can boost the activities in your brain and lower the hormones that cause weight gain.

  • You can try tea and coffee

Unsweetened tea and coffee are allowed at any time of the day during the HCG diet. These are a guilt-free choice to stay hydrated aside from water. These drinks have both wide ranges of health benefits even after the HCG diet. You can also substitute stevia instead of sugar. This is a type of plant that produces sweetness.

Tips to avoid bad habits for greater weight loss on HCG diet

  • Focus on eating and avoid other things. Watching TV or other things will take your attention.  You have to eat in the dining place and avoid doing other chores. If you lose focus, you might load on too many foods. Being out of focus will make your load on unhealthy foods. It can also make you fail from food portioning.
  • Do not use bigger plates- Bigger utensils will not help you in implementing proper food portion. It leads you to slip in food portion control. Change it to smaller plates so that you can effectively do the food portioning. Small dishes can also help you control your intake of calories.
  • Avoid eating too much at night- Do not eat too much at night because it can cause a lower rate of metabolism. This leads to rapid storing of body fats. You are only allowed to have one fruit if you are hungry at night. Maintain the intake and portion of calories for greater weight loss.
  • Avoid eating when you are stressed- stress will cause you to eat too much Control your stress and make sure that you are stable before you will eat. Avoid eating in response to your emotions. Eating in response to stress will break your weight loss process. Deal with stress before you will start eating so that you can eat properly and healthily.

What are the benefits of the HCG diet?

  • It improves the metabolic function

The HCG will reach your brain that sends a signal for metabolism. Thus, increases your metabolic rate. The HCG instructs your body to use fat reserves as a supply of energy. This will eventually lead to speed up metabolic rate.

  • Energy Increase

The HCG diet works on the opposite side. It supplies energy to your body from the burned fats. The released adipose fats will be transforming into energy used by your body for activities.

  • It preserves muscle mass

The HCG will only target the fats in your body and leaves your muscle. Muscle loss causes problems and you will find hard to gain it back than fats. The HCG diet will preserve your muscle and prevents bone loss.

  • Zero hunger associated

The HCG will pull calories from your fat stores which results in curbing of hunger. It allows your body to burn fats and safely performs the 500 calorie intake without any hunger pains. The hunger pains during the first few days of the VLCD are normal. It will just go away as soon as your body adapts the hormones fully.