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Phase 4 is the last part of the HCG diet. On Phase 3, you are adding more amounts in your 500 calorie diet. In this Phase, you can already add sugars and carbs. This means that you are already done with the HCG diet transition Phase. This time you will maintain the weight that you got. You have to slowly add the sugar and carbs. However, you cannot have pasta, bread, chips, and flour. Do not add processed foods in your meal. In Phase 4 of the HCG diet, you have to continue to eat healthily. You can have sugars and carbs in fruit choices. The source of carbs should be in the veggies and whole grains.

Phase 4 is done carefully. Be careful of the foods that you eat. Do not eat too much as what you do in Phase 1. You still have to control the portion of the meal. However, you can load more than 500 calories each day. If you gain weight, you have to adjust your meal portion. It is important to weight every day to monitor the weight. There is hundreds of recipe when you want to plan your meals. You can enjoy foods without gaining weight. Continue the exercise routine and get the right amount of carbs and sugar. Be an educated hcg dieter. Do not go back to the old eating lifestyle that you have. This is the time that you can apply all the lessons you get from the diet. You can use it as your lifestyle guide until the end.

Wait a bit longer until you can transition back to the real world. Time will come that you will be allowed to eat pasta and other carbs. It may seem worrying because you might gain weight. However, do not worry about such situations. You will not gain weight if you have self-control. Be mindful in eating so that you will not gain weight. Eat in response to real hunger. Do not eat if you feel stressed or you just feel like eating. Phase 4 of the HCG diet will help you see the importance of foods in the body. It will help you determine the nutritious food from unhealthy ones. Plan each meal and maintain the balance of nutrients in the food. The reward will come at the perfect time. You have to invest patience and hard work in your diet. You can whatever you want as long as it is healthy. Do not eat the foods that contain harmful chemicals such as processed foods.