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Food labels carry useful information in every food package. A food label contains a variety of information about the nutritional value of the food item. It includes serving size, grams of fat, number of calories, and product name. The food labels are designed to give costumers easy access and details of the specific food to purchase.

The importance of food labels during the HCG diet

#1- Make a more informed choice

The food labels give more information about the food choice that you are buying. It contains detailed information on specific dietary needs. The food labels give specific details on protein, vitamins, and minerals, etc.

#2- It allows you to separate the foods for your HCG diet

Reading food labels helps you determine the foods that are allowed during the HCG diet. If you read food labels, you can separate the foods that are allowed for you. You can also separate the foods that are high in calories and other ingredients.

#3- The labels also make it easier to compare different food

The food labels help you determine which food is healthy and which one is not. This will help you limit the foods that have fats, cholesterol, and sugar from your diet. You can compare food choices and choose which one is best for you during the HCG diet.

#4-Ignore the front package

The front labels are persuading and have misleading claims. Front labels usually have flashy messages that make promises about the transformative effects of a certain food. Some of the misleading health claims are found in some cereals and snack foods.

#5- Reading food labels is a key to obeying the protocol

Reading food labels will guide you on loading foods during the HCG diet. This helps you stick to the protocol of zero sugar, starch, and oils on VLCD. Do not fall on the serving size scheme to avoid mistakes in consuming foods.

Tips in reading food labels on Phase 2 of the HCG diet

  • Check the order of the food ingredients– The order of the ingredients in each food product comes from the highest to the lowest. The first ingredient tells what the manufacturer has used the most of. The first ingredient usually includes sugar, hydrogenated oils, and other refined products. Make sure to avoid any type of sugar such as corn syrup and fructose.
  • Check the length of the list of ingredients- The lengthier the list the more ingredients the food has. Do not purchase foods that contain one or more ingredients. Choose whole foods or organic food products during the HCG diet. Do not buy foods that contain unfamiliar or hard to pronounce ingredients. Check the list of ingredients from fats to sugar.
  • Pay attention to serving sizes- The serving per size of your food determines the number of calories you are consuming. Pay close attention to the portion of your food to avoid the risk of eating prohibited items on the HCG diet. You also have to check the number of servings per package.