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Thanksgiving Day is a real challenge when you are working on your HCG diet plan. Meals are consisting of everything that you cannot eat while you are on an HCG diet. Will you survive this celebration without stuffing yourself? To get through the meal and handle everything, you have to follow your diet protocol.

How to enjoy Thanksgiving without gaining weight during VLCD?

  • Participate in a game activity- Food temptations are everywhere during the celebration. To avoid falling onto food temptations, you can participate in some game activity. Spend fun time activities with your loved ones without indulging in foods.
  • Remind yourself of your weight loss goals- Assuming that your family and friends already know that you are dieting. You can pull some support from them to help you avoid food temptations. The best thing you can do is to remind yourself that you have goals to reach. Your weight loss goals will make you stay on your diet program.
  • Do not focus on the foods around you– When you attend a party with your friends, you have to consider its effect on your diet. Take any pressure from your peers but avoid focusing on the foods around. Make fun and mingle with your friends away from the dining table. Suggest a game or other fun activity to keep the atmosphere alive.
  • Get moving before the big day- You’ll never know what will be the outcome of the big celebration. That is why it is better to come prepared. Before the big day, start incorporating light exercise to shake up the extra calorie in your body. Exercising can reduce stress, improve your focus, and lighten your mood. Take a short walk once a day when you are not tired or hungry.
  • Practice mindful eating- The trigger for food temptation is when you fail to eat mindfully. Eat slowly, and make sure that you are aware of the amount of food you are eating. You can also bring your food to social gatherings. Cook and prepare your meal at home to make sure you stay on the diet protocol. Avoid drinking alcohol or eating foods that are not on the diet food list.
  • Take your HCG shot every day- The HCG will curb hunger and suppress your appetite. Taking the HCG shots every day makes you stay full even if you are eating low calories per day. The HCG shot maintains proper metabolism and rapid fat loss.

Can you take an interruption period on Phase 2 of the HCG diet?

You can take a break or interruption period, but it is only for emergency purposes. You cannot have a break if it is only to satisfy your cravings during Thanksgiving Day. An interruption period is for emergencies or when you need to seek medical attention.

Understand the essence of celebrating a thanksgiving day. Give thanks to your loved ones instead of focusing on the foods around you. Establish a proper tone of the day through mediation in the morning.