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Dealing with the menstrual period on the hcg diet is a challenge. It includes symptoms of food cravings, weight gain and even cramping. However, these situations are just temporary and minor. Do not allow these things to interfere with the weight loss goal that you have. Maintain your weight loss during this kind of situation. Continue the healthy eating and lifestyle. Weight gain caused by water retention on the HCG diet is normal. This scenario only lasts for a few days or 3 days to be exact. You will surely notice weight gain in this part. You do not have to panic in this kind of situation. You can get through hcg diet after the menstruation is over.

How to deal with the cravings?

Eating consciously is a healthy dealing of cravings. Do not load on unhealthy foods that cause you to get more weight. Load on healthy meals and have a strict implementation of the calorie count. Unhealthy foods can also satisfy the cravings but it brings disaster to the diet. Choose high-fiber foods that are low in fat and sugar. Fruits are the best options you can have for a pick and go snack. To avoid craving you must load the protein mindfully with the exact amount.

How to relieve PMS?

The PMS is defined as premenstrual syndrome. This is the physical and emotional signs that occur during the period. Common symptoms are acne, bloating, and emotional feeling or mood changes. How would you control such a situation? PMS on the HCG diet can be controlled by taking a walk. This can relieve mood swings. If you experience a headache, you can have a rest. Your regular light exercise can also help in preventing worst PMS. Have enough water in the body so that you cannot feel too many cravings. Emotional eating may occur, however, it must be stopped. Doing such, can help you focus more on dietary needs and not personal desires.

Understanding Cravings during Menstruation

Cravings of unhealthy foods are not usual. It is said that this is because of the serotonin levels in the body. It fluctuates before or during the menstrual period. It regulates the mood of a woman. The intake of carbs promotes the production of serotonin. This is the reason why we usually desire to eat unhealthy foods. Lower serotonin in the body causes low desire in eating unhealthy foods. Dealing such cravings depends on your discipline.

Avoid the downfalls of the hcg diet. Mindful eating during or after the menstruation can help you avoid a slip in the diet. Continue the restriction of calories and unhealthy foods. Skip salty foods as much as you can. This is to avoid bloating and water retention. High salt in the body has a big contribution to water retention.