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Calories are needed to energize the body. However, if there are too many calories it can harm the weight. The best way to maintain a healthy weight is to have a proper calorie control. The liquid and solid calories have the same effect on the body. The liquid calories are more to be careful with because it adds the weight more than the solid calories.

The HCG diet protocol does not totally ban the intake of calories. However, there is a strict caloric cut down that each dieter must follow. This is for the body and the HCG hormones to work well in weight loss. The main goal of the caloric cut down of the HCG diet is not to deprive the body. The purpose of it is to help the body to get used to new eating habits. This is also to make the body ready for the entire diet duration, especially in the very low-calorie diet.

Controlling the intake of liquid calorie is very significant on the diet. Liquid calories are not allowed in the entire diet duration. There will be not furthermore additional calorie in any kind. Proper calorie control is also dependent on a balanced diet.

What is a balanced diet?

It is the preparation of food that provides complete nutrients. Balance diet is the proper supply of the nutrients around the body. This includes the equal distribution of carbs, proteins, vitamin, fiber, and minerals. The equal distributions of the nutrients and other important things for the health are the basis for a healthy diet.

The right kind and the right time- This is on the eating style and the choices of food. Eat the right kind of food at the right time. HCG diet always have the right time and the right foods for each meal. This is to help the body to get enough nutrients supply and give the amount of energy needed for the body. Eating also needs the right condition of the mind. This is to avoid overeating or mindless eating.

Have regular eating habits- Regular eating habits is a way of eating that your body must get used to. The HCG diet will teach a healthy eating routine for every dieter. The regular eating habits include the proper portion of the nutrients as well as calories in each meal serving.