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You can still accompany physical activities without catching coronavirus. Physical activities are not required during the VLCD. However, you are permitted with some diet-friendly activities that do not harm your HCG diet. You can have at least one type of light activity per week to improve your cardiovascular health.

Exercising can release stress and improves your stamina. Choose the exercise routine that can increase the probability of losing weight instead of increasing your high-stress levels. Remember that you are doing this along with the VLCD. You must avoid activities that can trigger stress and emotional eating. You are also allowed to do exercise or any light activities if you are not hungry or tired.

Combining HCG and exercise

HCG diet is about losing weight safely through the help of the weight loss hormone. This means that even if you do not go to the gym, you can still lose weight. Your exercise routine must not also affect your calorie intake. This means that exercising and dieting will be your responsibility to balance and manage.

You have to be careful because exercising during the HCG diet might also consume your energy. You can exercise while on the HCG diet but it’s not mandatory. It should be done with caution. You have to listen to your body’s condition if either you can do it or just let it pass. This is to avoid putting in additional stress and duty that might distract you from your HCG diet.

Light activities you can do during the P2 of the HCG diet

  • Running- You can run outside your house but limit your interaction with other people. However, if you are not permitted then you just stay at home instead. Running improves muscle and bone health.
  • Skipping– This is a simple but effective activity to boost your weight loss and metabolism. You can also do this activity in the comfort of your home. It can also improve cardio and circulatory health.
  • Yoga– This can be done inside your room or in your home. Yoga improves flexibility and can improve your focus. You can find quality instructions only on how it is done. It maintains balanced metabolism, especially during the VLCD.
  • Stairs- if you have no gym equipment you can use the stairs in your home. You can walk around or run up and down. You can also sue the stairs for push-ups, triceps dips, and lunges. This is good weight resistance training.
  • Dancing– This is a fun activity that will not make you get bored. This is a fun way of releasing stress, improving muscular health, and having enjoyment at the same time.

When is the best time to exercise on the HCG diet?

The exercise routine is preferably done after your breakfast coffee. This is because you are still not busy with your schedules and your energy is still on the go. You can exercise 3 to 4 times per week. The usual duration of physical activities allowed during the HCG diet is from 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure that you are maintaining the HCG daily for greater weight loss.