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HCG DIET: Dosage, and dealing with hunger during the VLCD

HCG DIET: Dosage, and dealing with hunger during the VLCD

One challenging aspect of using the HCG is getting the right dose. There are cases that the result differs and you have to go through a trial and error period. There are also times that your correct dose will change over time because it seems that you are not losing weight. It is vital to have the right dose to avoid hunger during the VLCD. Being hungry is not only painful but it can also distract you from time to time.

Proper HCG dose during the VLCD

Taking the HCG dose starts on the first day or your loading days. This is maintained until you finish the VLCD period. Getting the exact dose of the HCG diet curbs hunger and other weight loss barriers. The dose of the HCG is from 120ius to 150ius. Take note that you can only do the VLCD along with the HCG. You can also take a break with your HCG dose during menstruation.  However, you need to continue the diet.

The proper time to have your HCG dose

You can have your HCG shot in the morning. This is done after your daily weigh-ins. Do not go on 24 hours without having the HCG dose. It is better to do this in the morning because you are not yet filled with your daily schedules. In case you miss a dose of your daily shot you should wait the next day to have it. Do not double your dose to avoid hormonal fluctuations.

How does hunger affect during the P2 of the HCG diet?

Hunger will also counter-attack the productivity of your weight loss. Thus, slows down your metabolism and may start to release stress hormones. The right dose of the HCG curbs hunger and makes you comfortable even if you are just eating fewer calories. Zero hunger only means that the HCG is working well in releasing the right amount of unhealthy fats out of your body. This means that you are successfully losing weight.

Is it normal to experience hunger during the VLCD?

Hunger occurs especially in the first few days of the VLCD because your body is still adjusting. The occurrence of hunger will just be gone as soon as the HCG is fully working in your system. Give your body a time to adjust fully to fewer calorie intakes. Physical hunger will also occur when you fail to eat on time. Avoid this thing to happen because prolonging hunger will lead to overeating.

Dealing with hunger during the VLCD of the HCG diet

  • Drink water- When you feel hunger pains you have to drink water. It gives you a sensation of fullness and curbs hunger pains.
  • Avoid unhealthy foods– The ingredients of unhealthy food choices can be a root cause of hunger. It also stimulates your appetite to eat more appealing foods.
  • Divide your meal- You can split your 500 calorie meal into 5 equal parts. This will give you something to eat in case physical hunger comes.
  • Eat fruits- Fruits such as apples and oranges boost fullness. It can curb hunger, boost your metabolism, and can improve digestion.