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HCG Diet Approved Foods that Contains Water

HCG Diet Approved Foods that Contains Water

Experts say to maintain an adequate amount of water per day to stay hydrated and balance your diet. But, with the choices of drinks and sodas in the market, people overlooked hydration. Most dieters are not following the water rule due to misleading claims of diet drinks. Fortunately, there are food choices you can eat that maintain hydration during the HCG diet.

Role of Water in HCG Diet Plan

Maintaining hydration is one of the most vital tasks of dieters to improve weight loss. Water plays a role in the HCG diet as they are an alternative to carbs when curbing cravings. The restriction of carbs during the HCG diet leads your body to use storage to form carbs to fuel. It is when the role of water for hydration enters by increasing the metabolism. Water prevents your body from hunger and dehydration.

The goal of the HCG diet is to release fats due to toxins from the food you eat. Maintaining hydration can improve the flow of toxins out of your body through the burned fats. Proper hydration helps ease the function of your liver and fat loss. Nonetheless, flavored water and processed drinks are not advisable during the second phase of the HCG diet.

Aside from water, you can also drink unsweetened coffee and tea during the VLCD. They are rich in antioxidants and can suppress your appetite. Tea and coffee also help in fat-burning and prevent fat deposition by controlling the accumulation of sugar. But, did your know that you can also maintain hydration from healthy food choices?

Here is a List of HCG Diet Approved Foods that Can Boost Hydration:

  1. Soup. Chicken soup or any lean protein broth is a healthy meal that contains water. It improves your satiety and hydration during the second phase of the HCG diet. But, ensure you are not using unhealthy condiments in making soup to prevent weight gain.
  2. Cucumber. It is typical in a vegetable salad but, combining vegetables in one serving during the VLCD is not advisable. You can slice half of a medium-sliced cucumber as your snack food. You can also eat cucumber after exercising to compensate for the fluid you shed during sweating.
  3. Zucchini. It is rich in antioxidants and contains more water. It is low in calories and fat that fits during the very low-calorie intake of the HCG diet. Zucchini also contains vitamin A, potassium, and folate. It improves the fat-burning process by suppressing your appetite and curbing your hunger.
  4. Freshly squeezed lemon juice. Get a fresh lemon fruit and juice it. You can add water and ice cube to have a refreshing treat. Lemon contains vitamin C that boosts your immune system. You can also add stevia to your lemon water to taste.
  5. Radish. It is a crunchy treat with a sweet and spicy flavor. Radish contains 95% water and antioxidants. It helps in detoxifying the body during the fat-burning phase. It also has anti-cancer properties.
  6. Celery. It is a snack treat that is crunchy and juicy. Aside from the water content, celery can also neutralize stomach acid and prevent hunger pangs. It also contains loads of fiber to improve your satiety during the VLCD.