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HCG Diet and Weight Gain Due to Stress

HCG Diet and Weight Gain Due to Stress

Stress affecting your weight is true in several ways. Stress has so much contribution to weight gain. It releases various hormones that could trigger cravings and other unhealthy eating habits. Everybody has comfort foods and you are more likely to crave them during a stressful situation.

Comfort foods are temporary but they can cause long-term weight gain and stubborn fats. Unhealthy treats can also trigger diseases. It increases your calorie intake and leads to obesity. So, deal with stress with healthy options on the HCG diet. Managing stress on the HCG diet is challenging but, it can help you lose weight.

Why do you need to keep your stress low on the HCG diet?

Stress affects the body and leads to bloating or weight gain. Keep your stress level low to prevent high blood pressure and binge-eating. Avoid stress though it is not easy it is needed to continue the weight loss.

Keep your brain calm. Do not be consumed by anxiety or stress. It can interfere with the mechanism of HCG in resetting your metabolic rate and can trigger cravings. Some stress may cause weight loss but is not healthy. Most of the record of stress causes rapid weight gain and acquiring diseases. Counter stress with a healthy coping mechanism to prevent chronic stress.

Tips in dealing with stress on the HCG diet:

  1. Stay calm and relax your mind. Give your body time to rest. Clear up your mind and just let go of the problems. You can also take a day off or travel alone. But, ensure to stick to the protocol of the HCG diet to avoid weight gain. You can also try yoga or meditation to reduce the stress hormone and improve your focus.
  2. Stay away from the noise. Find a place that can make you think clearly. Noise can also affect peace of mind. Make your environment relaxing to avoid stress on the HCG diet. A noise-free environment promotes relaxation during the HCG diet.
  3. Drink water. This is a refreshing way to stay calm. Water reduces stress hormones and prevents overeating. It also releases toxins and reduces tension in your brain. Ensure to drink at least 2 liters of water during the VLCD. It staves off excess calories and increase your satiety without adding more calories. You can also drink a cup of tea or coffee to alleviate stress and improve calmness.
  4. Eat some fruits. Stress eating is bad. If you want to eat, you can grab fruit for snacks and slowly eat. Enjoy every bite of your fruit choice but, avoid eating dried fruits and other processed products. Stick to approved fruits to keep your calorie intake low. Fruits contain antioxidants and nutrients that improve relaxation. They also promote detoxification and satiety.
  5. Get enough sleep. It relaxes your mind and boosts your immune system. Sleeping can also boosts your metabolic rate during the HCG diet. If you juggle with your work and responsibilities, take time to get some sleep and relax your brain. Regardless of your tight schedule at work, get enough sleep every day to prevent intense cravings during the day.