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HCG Diet and High Cholesterol

HCG Diet and High Cholesterol

Are you suffering from high cholesterol levels? Obesity can increase the unhealthy cholesterol in your blood and causes several health concerns. Obesity affects your physical appearance and body shape and also has a life-threatening impact on the body. Having high cholesterol levels links to hypertension, heart attack, and death. Ensure that you visit your doctor regularly for a thorough check-up on your health status.

Unhealthy cholesterol can cause clogging in your veins and slows down the transports of oxygen and nutrients. It also reduces the blood flow through your arteries and can cause heart attack and stroke. Take some simple steps to lower your cholesterol levels.

The HCG diet is a weight loss aid for obese patients who are uncomfortable with weight-loss surgeries. HCG is a fast and safe process that does not compromise your health. Weight loss through the HCG diet helps in reducing unhealthy cholesterol and increases your chances of recovery from weight-related diseases. The HCG diet is the best weight loss option until today.

If your cholesterol level is high, take a few steps through the HCG diet. Likewise, seek some advice from your doctor regularly to guide you in lowering your cholesterol. If you have this complication before the HCG diet, you can continue your medications with caution. Pay attention to your food choices and stick to your diet program.

How to Deal with High Cholesterol on the HCG Diet?

  1. Activate your lifestyle. Obesity is due to an inactive lifestyle and unhealthy food choices. You can lower your cholesterol level on the HCG diet by incorporating an exercise routine. Keep your workout activity low-intensity during the VLCD to avoid fatigue. For HCG dieters, you can exercise 3 times a week to maintain your cholesterol in a healthy range.
  2. Combine the HCG and VLCD. To help with your cholesterol levels, assess your diet.  Avoid eating saturated fats, processed foods, chemicals, creams, and oily foods. Opt for whole and organic foods while using the HCG injections. Unhealthy cholesterol can interfere with the mechanism of HCG in your system.
  3. Load more fiber and protein. Fiber is a Natural aid to reduce unhealthy cholesterol in your blood. You can eat green vegetables and whole grains during the starting days of the HCG diet. Fruits are also rich in fiber. Avoid eating pasta, flour, rice, refined grains, and starchy foods because it can cause weight gain.
  4. Eat more protein. It helps in increasing your satiety during the HCG diet and stops you from binge-eating. Protein-rich foods can also suppress your appetite and keeps your calorie intake low. You can eat at least 200 grams of lean protein every day during the VLCD. Eat some lean cuts of fish meat because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. They help maintain healthy cholesterol.
  5. Stop smoking and avoid alcoholic beverages. Healthy cholesterol levels start to degrade when you smoke cigarettes. It increases the deposition of unhealthy cholesterol in your blood and can interfere with your weight loss. Alcoholic beverages are not permissible as they contain sugar and other chemicals. Stick to water and other healthy drinks during the HCG diet.