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The HCG is a simple and straightforward weight loss aid to stop obesity. HCG has been a reliable solution for overweight and obese people. It allows you to lose weight without undergoing any weight loss surgery. The HCG diet has 4 phases which are a step for the completion of the entire weight loss process. It helps you in controlling hunger pain, metabolic rate, curbing cravings and faster fat burning.

The regular shots of the HCG are done during Phase 2 or the very low-calorie phase. P2 is when your intake of calories will be cut down as the rapid fat burning continues. Administer the right amount of HCG dose for successful weight loss and curbing of hunger. The HCG is very important during the VLCD because it keeps your body away from hunger pains and lack of energy.

Obesity is a condition of having too many unhealthy fats in various parts of your body. It causes different forms of weight-related diseases. Obesity is caused by environmental influence or genetic. However, it is possible to manage and overcome through the HCG diet. The main cause of obesity is the excessive intake of calories, sugar, carbohydrates, and processed foods. It causes your body to store unhealthy fats in hard to reach areas of your body such as belly, butt, and abdomen. The excessive loading of unhealthy foods will lead to fast weight gain.

More benefits of HCG in your body during weight loss

  • HCG has great results in burning your fats and muscle health

Using the HCG during your HCG diet will help in reaching your weight loss goal. It goes directly in the stored fats of your body. The metabolic rate changes right away when the fat burning takes place. It will not touch your muscle mass rather maintains the firmness of your muscle as it burns fats fast.

  • HCG diet stimulates the proper supply of nutrients in your body

Proper nutrition is still possible even if you are doing a very low-calorie diet. This is done along with the proper way of eating and healthy food choices. The proper eating style and choices of food will meet all the nutritional requirements of your body during weight loss. The HCG diet foods will not just aid in weight loss but also during digestion. It also helps in maintaining healthy skin, muscle, and strong bones. The most important thing is preventing you from having any diseases that are related to weight problems.

  • It is natural and organic

Everything on your HCG diet must be natural. This is because you will lose weight naturally with the help of natural products. The HCG is a natural hormone that is found in the placenta of a pregnant woman. The natural and organic products are safe and it has more nutritional value than the usual products in the market. Load more on fruits, lean meat, vegetables for the weight loss process.

  • You will also spend less money

You will be spending lesser money than having weight loss surgery. Your food items are all organic. It is cheaper than buying processed foods. You will spend less money instead of buying other weight loss products that can cause complications. It can also help you adapt to a new lifestyle and maintains a healthy body and weight.

How to end obesity through the HCG diet?

  • Set your weight loss goal– Set a realistic weight loss goal to be reached. Create your weight loss goal before you will step into the first step of the HCG diet. It will serve as your motivational drive to do more on the HCG diet. You can create a small goal and reach it slowly in each phase of the HCG diet.
  • Change your eating habits– Adopt the eating habits being taught in the HCG diet. Changing your eating habits is part of changing your lifestyle. You will be changing your lifestyle according to your weight loss process for the success of your diet. Changing your lifestyle will also help in solving your obesity.
  • HCG will help you lose weight– This is responsible for resetting your metabolic rate. You will lose weight through the help of the hormones. The HCG is responsible for reaching your weight loss goal. It curbs your hunger and cravings during the very low-calorie diet. You have to know that the cutting of calories is only allowed if you are having the HCG in your body.
  • Nourish your body– This only means that all the HCG will supply all the needed nutrients in your body. Be wise in loading foods because each food has a corresponding effect on your body. The foods in the HCG food list will give you nourishment and also helpful during weight loss. This is needed during the very low-calorie diet.
  • Follow your diet protocol– The weight loss protocol will guide you in reaching your weight loss goal. Follow each instruction as well as the restrictions for greater possibility in succeeding your weight loss journey. The HCG diet protocol will help you stay on your diet track.

Things you need to do during your HCG diet

  • Check food labels constantly- The checking of food labels will also help you avoid unhealthy products. You have to be aware of carbs, sugar, and other unhealthy ingredients.
  • Stay away from processed and fatty foods- Fatty foods will cause weight gain the same result if you load on processed foods. You have to stay away from fried products, chips, and fried meat. Load more on fresh and organic products such as whole fruits and vegetables.
  • Stay away from sweetened or flavored drinks- Sweetened and flavored drinks are loaded with calories. Sweetened and flavored drinks do not just add your weight but also cause diseases. It has various chemicals that will harm your health.
  • Control your food portion especially on VLCD- proper food portioning will help you control your intake of calories. This is very important during the very low-calorie diet. It will also help you to develop a discipline in eating that you can use even after the diet.