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HCG: A Radical Diet

HCG: A Radical Diet

HCG is not a zombie diet survivor. However, it exists up until now. It never fades and will always be a top choice for diet. HCG is working on obese patients since 1950. It makes a 500 calorie diet done safely. This kind of diet makes you enjoy eating healthy foods. It will also teach you to be responsible for your own health. HCG shows a dramatic weight loss for everyone. The HCG Diet work radically in the body. It shows numbers of testimonies and adopters. HCG will make you see that slimming down is totally possible.

How does HCG start?

An HCG hormone is from a pregnant woman. The peak of the HCG level in the body is around 14 weeks of pregnancy. Further studies found out that HCG helps men. It treats boys who are having a delay of puberty. This kind of situation is caused by disorders in the pituitary gland. In 1930’s Dr. A.T.W. Simeons discovered that HCG is capable of weight loss. HCG aids in dieting without feeling any hunger pain. Dr. Simeons now made a dietary regimen out of HCG hormones.

The Crash of Calorie

Each round of HCG Injections treatment usually lasts for 26 days. The calorie intake will be cut until 500 per day. Begin taking the HCG hormones daily. Once the hormone is in the body it will start to burn fats. This will also release the stored fats. Thus, provide energy for the body. HCG burns fats without much exercise. The 500 calories a day will sustain the dieter. Stop taking HCG hormones if the weight loss goal is reached.

Why Choose HCG for Diet?

  • HCG requires eating healthy food. It takes good food and is considered as well rounded diet.
  • HCG weight loss is easy and quick. Overweight and unhealthy people get to benefit from this. You will get a chance to eat healthy and hearty foods. Thus, helps you become fit. HCG melts stored fats in the body.
  • HCG is a natural arising component. HCG is found in the body. It does not harm the heart rate. HCG helps in your starvation. It targets the exact fat to lose. HCG diet is proven for 6o years. This kind of diet has no long-term side effects.

A Friendly HCG Diet Reminder

Make sure to have a medical check-up before starting the diet. Be careful of the HCG solution that you get. Some HCG is sold by vendors and not FDA certified. Make sure to buy HCG diet kit in a known company. Make sure that the solution is not stained. See to it that the HCG you bought has the genuine ingredients.  Observe proper sanitation. Dispose of properly the needles after use.