Break your unhealthy habits in several ways to reach your weight loss goal. You can change your unhealthy habits without spending too much money. The protocol of the HCG diet can help you start your weight loss. The HCG diet protocol will guide you to reach your weight loss goal. There are various habits you must stop doing to lose weight on the HCG diet. The HCG protocol as well can help you in dealing with your unhealthy habits.

Habits you must stop on the HCG diet

  • Do not eat while you are doing something-Eating while you are busy will not help in developing your mindfulness in eating. Watching TV or other things will take your attention. This will stop you from having a focus while eating. If you lose focus, you might load on too many foods. Being out of focus will make your load on unhealthy foods. It can also make you fail from food portioning.
  • Eating in bigger plates/ dishes– Bigger plates will make you load on too much food. It will not help you in proper food portioning. Bigger plates do not work in your VLCD. Change your plate is smaller plates so that you can effectively do the food portioning. Small dishes can also help you control your intake of calories.
  • Stop your intake of alcohol and other beverages– beverages such as soda, alcohol and other processed drinks are loaded with liquid calories. The liquid calorie is the common cause of rapid weight gain. You have to stop drinking processed beverages so that you can lose weight faster. It can also help you stabilize your blood sugar. Stopping the intake of unhealthy beverages will also stop the storing of fats in your body.
  • Eating too much at night– Nigh time is the time of your body to rest. Do not eat too much at night because it can cause a lower rate of metabolism. It can also make you gain weight because the calories will not be burned. You are only allowed to have one fruit if you are hungry at night. Make sure to control your intake of calories even after the VLCD.
  • Eating in response to stress– Emotional eating is a cause of stress. It allows you to eat various unhealthy foods to control stress. This is not allowed on the HCG diet because it can cause you to gain weight. Eating in response to stress will break your weight loss process. Deal with stress before you will start eating so that you can eat properly and healthily.