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Dieting is a word that gives enough shivers in you. You are going to experience hunger on the HCG diet. What will you do when the “oh my-i-gotta-eat” strikes? There must be top strategies you must do to stop the hunger. You will think of ways on how to reduce it as much as possible. The early stage of the diet is expected to be a roller coaster ride. You will experience hunger in this part as the body is adjusting. HCG diet gets easier in the middle and end of the diet. Suppressing appetite is a bit hard but tips can help you out.

Hunger is in your head

It is the brain that controls everything. The brain is the one who signals the body to feel hungry. Some hunger is physical and you may recognize it. Sometimes the mind plays or tricks you with habits. Let your habit be gone as you get through the diet Phase. Getting through the diet is not just dealing with calories and fats. It is also fighting with the brain. That is why; the HCG will set your brain for metabolism. Thus, it curbs hunger.

How to survive hunger?

You can stay away from hunger if you have the exact protein in each meal. 3.5 ounces of protein is allowed on the HCG diet. It breaks down slowly and controls blood sugar level. Neglecting this will make the diet harder. Never replace protein requirements. This will help in giving energy. To survive hunger you can do things that will make you busy. Being bored or sitting around will just increase your feeling of being hungry. The more you are busy, the more you stop thinking about foods. Indulge yourself into something that will curb hunger. Make things that seem to be time fly so fast. If you are really hungry, you can grab a medium size of a cucumber.

Stick to the universal Rule of diet

No sugar and carbs. This is the number one rule in the HCG diet. Sugar can cause hunger most of the time. Make sure not to add any sweets of carbs in the meal. Stay away from diet soda, they may satisfy cravings but it causes weight gain. Sugar can also delay the work of HCG  Injections in the body. They can make you hungrier and eat a lot. In short, sweet stuff is one way of adding weight to the body.

These things will help you get through the diet. HCG is an enjoyable and life learning diet. HCG is the most healthy and effective technique in losing weight. Follow each protocol and get your goal without feeling any hunger. Fight hunger by doing meaningful things rather than stressing yourself.