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Getting Through Night Shifts At Work While Taking HCG For Weight Loss

Getting Through Night Shifts At Work While Taking HCG For Weight Loss

It can be challenging to maintain a healthy body while doing night shifts at work. It is because night shifts affect your diet, deprive you of getting enough sleep, and cause fatigue. Weight loss with HCG and doing night-shift jobs are challenging. If you are a night worker, ensure that you stick to the protocol to achieve your weight loss goal.

When Should You Take HCG If You Work Night Shift?

When you are working at night, you can take your HCG an hour before your shift. HCG sends energy-boosting effects and suppresses your appetite to avoid excessive snacking. It also provides enough fuel to your body that you can use for your job. Avoid taking them in the morning because it can cause trouble in sleeping. Ensure that you are eating 500 calories per day in combination with HCG shots during the second phase. Follow the dosing instructions of the HCG to continue your routine.

If you work at night, taking HCG in the morning is counterproductive in getting enough sleep. It affects your sleeping routine as it boosts your energy. Lack of sleep can stimulate appetite and causes persistent hunger during your night shift. It is better to take your HCG shots as soon as you get up from bed to avoid interfering with your daily routine. Ensure to eat your meal before you go to work to prevent binge-eating. Healthy meals help in preventing dizziness and energy loss.

Tips on Working Night Shift While Taking HCG For Weight Loss

  • Get enough sleep after your shift

When working at night, you are more likely to get insomnia and other sleeping problems. During the HCG diet, avoid taking the HCG shots after your shifts. Manage your sleeping pattern and avoid the things that can interfere with mental relaxation. Sleep plays a role in reaching your weight loss goal. Make it one of your priorities to improve your weight loss on the HCG diet. You can induce sleep by avoiding screen time and switch off the lights. You can also put dark curtains and avoid loud noises.

  • Eat healthy foods

When you work at night, your body and diet are also changing. Your eating pattern changes but, you can manage to stay healthy and lose weight through the HCG diet. Eat healthy foods every day to get the nutrients and vitamins you need to sustain your body during work.

Healthy treats can assist the HCG in fat-burning and reducing your calorie intake during the second phase. You can also eat snacks but, keep your choices healthy and organic to avoid gaining weight. Fruits, vegetables, and protein are meals that can suppress your appetite and maintain your energy levels.

  • Stay active

Maintain your productivity at work to avoid metal drain. You can incorporate some yoga and other light exercises to maintain blood circulation. Exercise is also helpful to boost your mood, alleviates stress, and increase your energy during the HCG diet. It also calms your brain and improves your sleep after your work shifts. If your job involves physical activities, ensure to eat healthily and take your HCG shots. It converts the burned fats into energy to fuel your body for work.