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Get Skinny on the HCG Diet

Get Skinny on the HCG Diet

Choosing a diet plan among all the diet trends today is a challenging task. Ensure that you know the components and protocol of the diet program to avoid compromising your overall health. The HCG diet is the best option for weight loss. It shows several promising results in overall weight and improving your medical conditions due to weight-related causes.

What is the HCG Diet?

The HCG diet is a combination approach of the VLCD and hormone injection. Administer the HCG shots every day to suppress your appetite and curb your hunger. The HCG diet program requires 500 calories per day from the advisable foods. It improves yr overall health through weight loss.

The HCG reaches the hypothalamus and resets your metabolic rate. The HCG diet is the best weight loss aid for obese patients because it prohibits surgeries and strenuous workouts. The weight loss is due to the resetting of your metabolic rate. It also increases your energy by converting the burned fats into fuel. It prevents fatigue and drowsiness during the VLCD.

How to Ensure Success on the HCG Diet?

  • Before starting the HCG diet, visit your doctor for a medical assessment.  Inform your doctor about your medications to avoid interfering with the HCG. Ensure that you do not have existing diseases and emergency surgeries before the HCG diet.
  • Look at the food options available in the food list and start making a meal plan. Maintain the 500 calorie intake during the VLCD.
  • Purchase your HCG injections from a reliable provider to ensure that the hormones will work for your success. Implement a proper schedule on administering the HCG injections to maintain regular dosage.
  • Change your lifestyle because your unhealthy habits can interfere with your progress. Avoid eating foods due to food temptations or emotional stress. Manage your calorie intake throughout the HCG diet program.

How to get skinny on the HCG diet?

  1. Administer your HCG injections every day, preferably in the morning, and maintain your satiety. The HCG prevents hunger symptoms and other causes of weight gain.
  2. Eat more protein-rich foods and fiber to improve the tone of your muscle. Protein can also maintain your satiety and prevent weight loss pitfalls. Eating 200 grams of protein per day helps in fat-burning and boosts your muscle health.
  3. Get skinny on the HCG diet by maintaining your hydration. Water plays a role in weight loss as it detoxifies and boosts the nutrients and oxygen flow in the body. It also staves off chemicals and toxins that cause weight gain. Water can also improve your satiety without adding calories to your diet.
  4. Stick to the stages of the HCG diet from the loading phase until you finish the maintenance period. It will help you maintain weight loss and prevent you from weight cycling.
  5. Stick to the permissible foods in the food list and avoid products that contain a lengthier list of ingredients. Read each food label to ensure that you are eating healthy foods and preventing the causes of weight gain.
  6.  Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages because they can interfere with your progress. Sugary drinks are also not advisable because they contain sugar that can sabotage your weight loss.