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Phase 3 seems to be an easy part of the diet. However, it is the most crucial; part. This is when you have to add foods and maintain weight loss. This is stepping out of the VLCD which is very tough. As you finish the 500 calorie diet, you will start to add more food choices. However, you are not ye allowed to have sugar and carbs on your diet. You have to take off the unhealthy eating habits. If you made it successfully in the phase2 without any slip, you will succeed on HCG Diet Phase 3. Be watchful and always be on the presence of your mind when it comes to eating. There are instances that you may forget to count the calories. Even if you are not on the 500 calorie diet, you still have to cunt your calorie intake. It must be at a normal level and it must follow the HCG diet rule.

If you are not sure what to eat on phase 3 stick with the HCG diet foods on Phase 2. You can still have those foods as long as you have to increase the meal serving of each food. You cannot stick on the 500 calorie diet without the HCG diet hormones because it is harmful. On HCG diet phase 3 do not add a directly a large amount of food in the diet. You have to slowly load on to different kinds of food. This will help the body in shifting from the VLCD into a normal way of eating. Determine all the foods that can cause weight gain. Maintain the food on the HCG diet food list for the safety of the weight loss.

Make a list of all the foods and amount of it that causes you to gain weight. This will help you as a reminder not to eat in the maintenance phase. Remember to eat healthy foods to maintain a healthy weight and body. Take note that the metabolism of the body is changed and stabilized by the HCG diet hormones. Help the body in adjusting from the VLCD to normal eating. Continue to load on protein as high as you can. Sugar and carbs are totally not allowed in this Phase. However, you can add up the amount of fiber and fruit n your meal. It will help you maintain the weight loss in long term duration. Deal with weight gain in case you made a mistake. Do not freak out, instead, you have to forgive yourself and deal with it.