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One of the most sensitive and important phases of the HCG diet is phase 3. Phase 3 is also called as the stabilization phase. It is when you stabilize your digestion and the weight loss that you have reached. You cannot proceed to phase 3 if you have not yet accomplished the first 2 phases. Be careful with the food temptations and do not go back to your old eating style.

Phase 3 usually lasts for 21 days. You may add more food choices back on your diet during this phase. Be careful in adding back foods because you might gain your weight back. You will be increasing your intake of calories however you are not allowed to introduce unhealthy foods. You still have to avoid sugars and starches during this phase.

What are the foods that you have to avoid during the HCG diet?

  • Avoid the fruits that have a high glycemic index

Fruits that contain sugar must be very much avoided. The fruits that have high sugar can spike up your sugar levels. This will affect your metabolic rate. Stay away from banana, watermelon, raisins, prunes, avocado, mango, and tangerine. You can have these food choices after the HCG diet or during the maintenance phase. You are allowed to eat apples, orange, grapefruits, and strawberry.

  • Avoid Grains

During the phase, 3 grains of all kinds should be avoided. This means that whole grains, cereal, corn products, and white flour are not allowed. You also have to stay away from brown rice, white bread, and white rice. You also have to stay away from snacks and desserts that are made with flour.

  • Limit your intake of protein

This means that your protein intake must be from lean meat choices. Some of the products that you must avoid are margarine, peas, beans, and legumes. These protein sources have high levels of carbs. Enjoy loading lean meat that is loaded with protein. Protein helps in building muscle and maintaining healthy bones. Make sure to weigh your meat choices and take off the visible fats before cooking.

  • Avoid sugar and starches

During this crucial phase, it is important to keep off from eating sugary foods. Stay away from brown and white sugar, syrup, maple sugar, corn syrup, and honey. Loading on sugary food spikes up and triggers your body to store calories. The stored calories will eventually be stored as stubborn fats in various parts of your body.

The importance of Phase 3 of the HCG diet

Phase 3 helps your body in transitioning from VLCD to getting back to normal eating. It will guide you to successfully maintain the weight loss that you have reached. You cannot proceed to the stabilization phase if you skip this phase. Make sure to follow the protocol in adding back more food choices during this phase. This phase usually lasts for 21 days. This is because it takes 21 days for your body to get used to something.

Simple tips to follow during Phase 3 of the HCG diet

  • #1 – Stick to the diet phase in full 21 days

The 21 days during phase 3 help in resetting your metabolic rate. It takes 21 days for your hypothalamus to work in a stable metabolism. This will keep your weight off and prepare your body for phase 4. Watch your intake of calories and choose the foods that are rich in healthy calories. Continue to maintain proper food portioning. You also have to track your weight loss from time to time.

  • #2- Weigh every day

Weighing yourself is as important as your food choices. This will help you track your weight. Weighing is very important during P3 because there is still a possibility that you will gain weight. There are also cases that your weight loss will stall. Weighing every day helps you track your weight fluctuations so that you can correct it right away. Always remember that your weight is not yet stable during this phase. There is no force calorie counting during this phase but you have to be extra careful.

  • #3- This is not about losing weight anymore

This is different from phase 2 which is the weight loss phase. You will still experience losing small pounds during this phase. However, you have to be more focused on stabilizing your weight loss. Make sure that you are not gaining weight during this phase. You can do correction days right away if you recognize some weight gain or weight stall. You can also start to increase your time of exercise during this phase. However, you have to avoid extreme exercise as much as possible. Exercising can help in burning food calories.

Weight loss problems that you must deal right away

  • Not having enough protein and eating too many calories

Proteins are commonly found in vegetables and lean meat choices. It plays a big role in your weight loss. Not having enough protein can cause nutritional deficiency. This is because protein is one of the most important nutrients needed for weight loss. This can cause you to eat too many calories. Load more on protein so that you can boost your metabolic rate. Protein curbs cravings and your chance of snacking unhealthy foods. Protein is allowed in the HCG protocol because it promotes the feeling of fullness. Thus helps in controlling the eating style.

  • Poor food choices and extreme exercises

Poor food choices are highly processed foods. You have to stay away from the foods that are loaded with sugar, flavorings, preservatives, and salt. You also have to deal with your food indulgences right away. Do not indulge in foods that are coated with oils and other unhealthy food ingredients. Choose healthy food choices for a greater success of the HCG diet. Extreme exercise also can cause fatigue and high-stress levels. Extreme exercise can cause tiredness and extreme hunger. This leads you to emotional eating. Emotional eating is a way of your body to find comfort from constant stress.