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Here are the lists of foods you must avoid on the HCG diet

  • Fried potatoes and fried foods- Oils are not allowed during the HCG diet. Any food that is deeply fried can affect your weight loss. Studies have proven that fried and oily foods cause rapid weight gain. It is better to serve steamed or boiled foods during the HCG diet.
  • White bread -This is highly refined which increases your blood sugar levels. White bread puts you at risk of obesity. These are also extremely unhealthy for your weight loss. It is because eating bread can cause food cravings. Food cravings will lead to cheating or overeating.
  • Candy bars- Candies are packed with sugar, food color, flavorings, and other unhealthy ingredients. Candies are small in size but its calorie content is misleading. Choose to have fresh fruit instead of sugary snacks. Fruits are more nutritious and filling than any other unhealthy foods.
  • Pastries, cakes, and cookies- Pastries are packed with refining flour like cookies and cakes. These foods contain Trans fats that trigger weight-related diseases. They are filling but they belong to the group of foods which has low nutrient. Cakes and pastries are also a common trigger of food cravings.
  • Pizza- Pizza also is a popular and delicious-unhealthy food. It is loaded with processed meats and high-calorie ingredients. Pizza is one in the list of foods that leads to unhealthy storing of fats in your body. Pizza is one of the foods that lead to obesity and weight-related diseases.
  • Sugary Drinks– sweetened beverages are also dangerous to your health. Sugary drinks are linked to weight gain and it can trigger the weight-related diseases. It affects the work of the HCG in burning your unhealthy fats. The sugary drinks are not registered in your brains. It can silently increase your intake of calories.
  • Dried fruits – fruits are healthy if it is freshly picked the same as whole fruits. The nutritional value of fruits lowers as soon as it is processed. The nutritional profile of fruits degrades when you add preservatives to it.
  • Canned vegetables- Canned vegetables are considered as one of the processed foods. It already has added preservatives such as sugars. These food ingredients can slowly mislead your weight loss journey.

Why do you have to avoid these foods during the HCG diet?

These foods are the cause of why you gain weight fast. One thing you must let go of during the HCG diet is unhealthy foods. The unhealthy eating habit is a result of loading too much on Unhealthy foods. These are those that are processed and loaded with unhealthy chemicals. These foods can cause you to eat more without realizing that you have gone so far. The fresh food choices can help you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight loss and body.

How does the HCG work in your body?

There are various benefits to how the HCG works in your body. It does not just help you reach your weight loss goal but also in resetting your health. It burns fats so that the weight-related diseases will be countered. HCG has great results in burning your fats and muscle health. Using the HCG during your HCG diet will help in reaching your weight loss goal. It goes directly to the stored fats of your body.

The metabolic rate changes right away when the fat burning takes place. HCG diet stimulates the proper supply of nutrients in your body. Proper nutrition is still possible even if you are doing a very low-calorie diet. This is done along with the proper way of eating and healthy food choices.

The proper eating style and choices of food will meet all the nutritional requirements of your body during weight loss. The HCG diet foods will not just aid in weight loss but also during digestion. It also helps in maintaining healthy skin, muscle, and strong bones. The most important thing is preventing you from having any diseases that are related to weight problems. Everything on your HCG diet must be natural. This is because you will lose weight naturally with the help of natural products.

Tips to start losing weight on the HCG diet

  • Set your weight loss goal

Set a realistic weight loss goal to be reached. Create your weight loss goal before you will step into the first step of the HCG diet. It will serve as your motivational drive to do more on the HCG diet.

  • Administer the HCG dose

This is responsible for resetting your metabolic rate. You will lose weight through the help of hormones. The HCG is responsible for reaching your weight loss goal. It curbs your hunger and cravings during the very low-calorie diet.

  • Eat the right food choices

Be wise in loading foods because each food has a corresponding effect on your body. The foods in the HCG food list will give you nourishment and also helpful during weight loss. This is needed during the very low-calorie diet.

  • Change your eating habits

Adopt the eating habits being taught in the HCG diet. Changing your eating habits is part of changing your lifestyle. You will be changing your lifestyle according to your weight loss process for the success of your diet. Changing your lifestyle will also help in solving your obesity.

  • Follow your diet protocol

The weight loss protocol will guide you in reaching your weight loss goal. Follow each instruction as well as the restrictions for greater possibility in succeeding in your weight loss journey. The HCG diet protocol will help you stay on your diet track.

  • Observe food portioning

Proper food portioning will help you control your intake of calories. This is very important during the very low-calorie diet. It will also help you to develop a discipline in eating that you can use even after the diet.

  • Review the food labels

The checking of food labels will also help you avoid unhealthy products. You have to be aware of carbs, sugar, and other unhealthy ingredients.