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The foods on the HCG diet play a big role in your weight loss journey. It aids the HCG in maintaining your health during your weight loss process. The foods that you will be having on the HCG diet are nutritious and filling. These foods are low in calories and have a higher nutritional profile than the process foods. These foods can help you in dealing with hunger and other problems during the HCG diet.

You can load more on fiber and healthy protein choices from the superfoods of the HCG diet. These superfoods are found in your food list. The food list will serve as your guide or reference in your meal preparation. Make sure to stay on the 500 calorie requirement of the HCG diet during your VLCD.

Do not rely on the unhealthy foods that cause you to gain weight. Some foods can cause you to eat more without realizing that you have gone so far. Unhealthy foods can satisfy your cravings and hunger the same way with the whole foods. However, these foods will just cause you to gain weight and it may trigger diseases. That is why you have to choose healthy foods such as fresh products. These fresh fruits can help you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight loss and body. These fruit choices are good for your body even after your diet.

Fresh foods can help you deal with cravings during the VLCD. Freshly picked products are low in fats and calories. Fruits and vegetable, for example, can help in preventing various weight-related diseases. Choose fresh items instead of processed products. Do not load on foods that are loaded with sugar, preservatives, salt, and other unhealthy ingredients. You are also not allowed to eat dried fruits, processed meat, and canned vegetables. This is because these food items contain ingredients that can sabotage your HCG diet.

Superfoods that helps for faster weight loss on the HCG diet

  • Avocado- It has vitamins, minerals and an excellent source of healthy fats. This is allowed during the loading phase and after your VLCD. The benefit of avocado during your loading phase is to help you prepare your fat stores. Avocados can help you boost your brain and maintain your cardiovascular health. Avocado is incredibly nutritious and it is loaded with fiber. Fiber is can help in digestion and metabolism.
  • Spinach-It has high fiber that helps in weight loss. Spinach is loaded nutrients and disease-fighting properties.  Spinach can help in fighting against several diseases that are caused by weight gain. It has low calories which are fitted during your very low-calorie diet. It strengthens your bones and controls your blood sugar and pressure levels. Spinach is also a cancer-fighting food because of its high fiber content.
  • Broccoli- It has high folic acid, rich in vitamin C, K, and other nutrients. This can help in forming your bones and tissues. It can also heal various inflammation and even wounds. Broccoli has properties that fight against free radicals that destroy your body tissues. Broccoli has high fiber content which is very filling that keeps you full throughout the day. Broccoli has also high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. Broccoli as well as high levels of antioxidants.
  • All cuts of lean chicken, beef and pork meat– Lean meats have high protein which helps in weight loss. It keeps you full during the VLCD which curbs hunger and cravings. Lean meat also helps in maintaining bone and muscle health. These are the common replacement instead of loading carbs and other unhealthy foods. Lean meat is an excellent source of low-fat protein and vitamin B6. Weigh your lean meat choice before cooking. Make sure you will not go beyond the 500 calorie restriction during VLCD. Lean meat can help in shedding more pounds and takes off stubborn fats in various parts of the body.
  • Apples- You can have apple during the VLCD. It can help in lowering fats and has high dietary fiber. The high level of fiber can help in digesting foods. Apples can also lower your risk from developing various kinds of cancer and other weight-related diseases. Apples also lower your risk of getting hunger and even cravings. It can be a replacement for sweet snacks that contain high-sugar.
  • Nectarines– It helps in boosting your metabolism. Nectarines are also a good source of vitamin C, fiber, calcium, and potassium. It has antioxidants which help you maintain a healthy body during weight loss. Nectarines have the same benefits as a peach. The fiber content is helpful in digestion and hydration. It keeps you full and prevents you from loading too much food for the whole day. Nectarines can also help in taking off belly fats. Make sure that there is no added sugar in your fruit snacks.
  • Blueberries- One of the known quick snack during the HCG diet is the blueberries. It has a low sugar content that is best for weight loss. The high level of antioxidants can also lower inflammation and other diseases. It ends your cravings from sugar, cookies and other foods that have starch. It can also protect the healthy cholesterol in your blood from becoming damaged. It can also protect you from cancer and aging.
  • Watermelon- This is allowed on phase 1 or during your weight loss maintenance. The high water content can help in hydration. Hydration is important in distributing nutrients all over your body. The high-water content can help in maintaining a high rate of metabolism. It flushes out toxins, extra fats, and food calories during your weight loss maintenance. Watermelon as well as vitamin A, C, and high soluble fiber. Watermelon can also lower your blood pressure levels.
  • Oranges- It promotes clear and healthy skin. Oranges are rich in vitamins and minerals which is convenient as an easy-to-grab snack. The vitamin C that is rich in orange fruit is a potent aid that lowers your inflammation. This is a portable fruit which you can bring anywhere you go. This is also easy to grab a snack too if you are a busy dieter. It can help you maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol level. Oranges can also stop your sugar cravings.