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In the HCG diet, you are not allowed to just have many foods as you can. You cannot get the foods that you want to take off cravings. You will be having new habits, food choices as well as the number of foods. You will also be watchful with the spices that you add to your foods. Studies have shown that various spices and herbs can increase your energy levels. It also helps in regulating your blood sugar. Spices as well can increase your metabolic rate.  Refer to the HCG diet food list for your food choices in each phase of the HCG diet.

Some foods help the HCG in burning belly fats. You cannot lose fat by just lowering your food intake. You must do the HCG diet. Reduce your weight and be careful in consuming calories. Your intake of calories will be cut down during the HCG diet. This is not to deprive you but to reset your lifestyle and habits. HCG diet has a protocol to follow which works in cutting your belly fats.

HCG does not only target your belly fats. It also targets the fats in your body that are not reached by other weight loss programs. You just have to maintain the administration of the diet hormone. HCG is the most important thing in your weight loss process. Foods and exercise will just accompany the HCG in burning your fats. The main thing that works in burning your body fats is the HCG. That is why you have to administer it at the same time each day.

Foods that are allowed on the HCG diet

  • Avocado- It has vitamins, minerals and an excellent source of healthy fats. This is allowed during the loading phase and after your VLCD. The benefit of avocado during your loading phase is to help you prepare your fat stores. Avocados can help you boost your brain and maintain your cardiovascular health. Avocado is incredibly nutritious and it is loaded with fiber.
  • Apples- You can have apple during the VLCD. It can help in lowering fats and has high dietary fiber. The high level of fiber can help in digesting foods. Apples can also lower the risk of developing various kinds of cancer and other weight-related diseases.
  • Spinach-It has high fiber that helps in weight loss. Spinach is loaded with nutrients and disease-fighting properties. Spinach can help in fighting against several diseases that are caused by weight gain. It has low calories which are fitted during your very low-calorie diet
  • Broccoli- It has high folic acid, rich in vitamin C, K, and other nutrients. This can help in forming your bones and tissues. It can also heal various inflammation and even wounds. Broccoli has properties that fight against free radicals that destroy your body tissues.
  • Blueberries- One of the known quick snacks during the HCG diet is the blueberries. It has a low sugar content that is best for weight loss. The high level of antioxidants can also lower inflammation and other diseases. It ends your cravings from sugar, cookies and other foods that have starch.
  • All cuts of lean chicken, beef and pork meat- Lean meats have high protein which helps in weight loss. It keeps you full during the VLCD which curbs hunger and cravings. Lean meat also helps in maintaining bone and muscle health. These are the common replacement instead of loading carbs and other unhealthy foods. Lean meat is an excellent source of low-fat protein and vitamin B6.
  • Nectarines- It helps in boosting your metabolism. Nectarines are also a good source of vitamin C, fiber, calcium, and potassium. It has antioxidants that help you maintain a healthy body during weight loss. Nectarines have the same benefits as a peach.
  • Oranges- It promotes clear and healthy skin. Oranges are rich in vitamins and minerals which is convenient as an easy-to-grab snack. The vitamin C that is rich in orange fruit is a potent aid that lowers your inflammation. This is a portable fruit which you can bring anywhere you go.

The spices that are allowed for the HCG diet

  • Garlic and cayenne

The garlic improves the metabolism of carbohydrates in your body. Thus, makes you slow down your food intake. It also has weight-loss benefits that can help during the HCG diet. Cayenne, on the other hand, boosts fat metabolism. It helps burns calories and prevents you from eating a large number of foods. Cayenne also helps and protects your immune system.

  • Legumes

This is an excellent vegetable that is loaded with protein. Protein helps in suppressing your appetite. It is also high in soluble fiber which takes longer to be digested. It lowers your appetite and the chemical that causes cravings and hunger pain.

  • Mustard and apple cider vinegar

Dried mustard boosts your metabolism and burns extra fats. The acetic acid in the apple cider vinegar helps the body metabolize starch. It can also reduce your appetite. It also allows your body to produce growth hormone which in turn boosts fat metabolism.

  • Black Pepper and Curcumin

Black pepper has already proven that it increases fat metabolism. It also increases the digestion process. It helps in liver function and glucose metabolism. One of the best weight loss spices is turmeric or curcumin. It stops the production of fats by stopping the creation of new fats cells in your blood. It also deals with diseases that are related to obesity.

  • Lemon Zest

This is the peel of lemon. It is rich in nutrients and boosts your metabolism during the HCG diet. Lemon zest allows your body to stop absorbing too much sugar. Thus, it regulates cholesterol levels.

  • Cinnamon and Ginger

Cinnamon is known best in regulating your sugar. This is also known as the natural insulin that helps in the metabolism of glucose. Cinnamon can help prevent the development of the dreaded abdominal fat. Ginger, on the other hand, reduces blood sugar levels and increases sugar metabolism. This helps in stabilizing your weight and also lowers your appetite. It is also beneficial in having a healthy immune system.