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Nutrients from the foods you eat play a big role in weight loss. This is because losing weight requires your body to absorb adequate food nutrients. Nutritious foods will aid in maximizing your weight loss. This is done by carefully following the HCG diet protocol. The HCG diet protocol will serve as your guide to succeed in your diet without any fall.

Food nutrients are needed during the HCG diet. It is needed to maintain the stability of your health as you shed pounds. Food nutrients will keep your body healthy and always ready for rapid fat burning. Nutrients also reverse the effects of weight gain and diseases through the HCG diet. Losing weight through the HCG diet keeps off the future attack of weight-related diseases. Keeping off weight-related diseases will prolong your life.

The importance of food nutrients during the HCG diet

Food nutrition is a significant part of leading your body to a healthy lifestyle. Combined with the HCG diet, you can successfully maintain a healthy weight loss. Food nutrients promote your overall health so that you can go beyond your weight loss process. Your body absorbs more food nutrients if you shed pounds. This is important in all areas of your health such as sustaining your energy.

What are the nutrient-dense foods allowed during the HCG diet?

  • Fatty-fish

Salmon is just one of the healthiest fish for weight loss. Fatty-fish maintains heart health and it has common omega-3 fatty acids. The fatty acids maintain and promote the function of your body organs during weight loss. It keeps you out from the risk of diseases. The high-quality protein found in fatty-fish can help in improving your overall being. Thus, lowers your risk from depression and constant high level of stress. Stress is responsible for natural weight gain which can affect your HCG diet if not dealt.

  • Lean meat

Lean meat is fat-free cut of chicken, beef, and pork. These are one of the most filling foods you can have for your VLCD. Lean meat has high levels of a protein that is needed for weight loss. The high-level of protein helps the HCG to protect your muscle mass during fat burning. It is also an agent responsible for the growth of your tissue. Proteins as well protect you against the attack of diseases.

  • Fruits and leafy green vegetables

Vegetable and fruits are naturally rich in fiber that maintains proper metabolism.  Fiber is effective in helping your digestive system to perform proper food digestion. Fiber also contributes a lot in various biological activities such as fighting against fatal diseases. Fruits and vegetables help your body during weight loss. It is also responsible for supplying nutrients in various parts of your body. These provided antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Fruits as well can be used as a replacement for your unhealthy snacks.

  • Dairy products

Choose the low-fat dairy products for your loading days. Dairy products promote fullness that allows you to control your loading on weight loss maintenance. You must gradually introduce dairy products in your diet after Phase 2. These are rich in vitamins and they are a good source of vitamin D and calcium. Thus, keeps healthy digestion and prevents bone loss. Dairy products as well allow your body to perform fat burning during the GHCG diet.

Benefits you can get from nutrient-dense foods for your HCG diet

Nutrient-dense foods have a higher amount of nutrient than calories. It prolongs your life and allows you to do ore on your diet. The most nutritious foods are found in organic and whole products. Nutrient-dense foods wash your body from the effects of industrial food chemicals, preservative, etc. It can boost your focus on your HCG diet as it lowers your risk from the disease.

What are the common nutrients needed for the HCG diet?

  • Protein-protein can be found in vegetable and lean meat choices on your food list. You can get protein from all cuts of lean beef, pork, and chicken meat. Fish and other seafood as well contain high-quality protein that provides amino acid. The amino acids can maintain the health and growth of your muscle and body tissues. Protein as well deals with inflammation. It curbs the future attack of cravings or hunger on the HCG diet. You can have a protein-rich lean meat twice a day during the very low calories diet.
  • Healthy fats– These are the common fats you can get from poultry, white fish, and cheese. You can also have naturally healthy coconut oil that helps indigestion. Healthy fats can boost your brain and lower the stress level that causes weight gain. It can also improve your focus on your diet, especially on the VLCD. Keeping off your stress levels can curb emotional hunger. Healthy fats are very important for your cardiovascular health.
  • Vitamins and minerals– These are needed for your overall health especially on your body organs. These are mostly found in fruits and vegetables in your food list. The vitamins and minerals keep your blood healthy and prevent you from having anemia. Vitamins and minerals are the most essential nutrients for your diet. It shore up bones, boosts your immune system. These nutrients can also be converted to energy and repair your damaged cells.
  • Healthy carbohydrates– You do not have to deprive yourself of carbs forever. You can still introduce carbs back on your meal after the HCG diet. This is gradually introduced during the P4 of the HCG diet. Healthy carbs are known as the good carbs which are commonly found in whole and organic products. You can get good carbs from boiled potatoes, squash, brown rice and sweet potatoes. Control your intake of carbs because it can still add weight. Make sure to stay hydrated even after the diet to stave off extra calories.

Choose healthy food choices on your HCG food list. HCG diet allows cut down of calorie intake but not with the nutrients. You will be getting enough nutrients even if there is calorie control. The body will absorb enough nutrients that are needed for weight loss.