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Food craving is a very strong desire to eat a specific kind of food. This kind of desire seems to be hard to control. It is believed that cravings cannot be stopped unless the desire will be fulfilled. However, food cravings on the hcg diet only last for a couple of minutes. Each one of us experiences it in many ways. These are often a desire to eat junk foods and other unhealthy foods. Most of the craving comes with a desire to eat something that is sweet. Cravings are the hindrances on reaching the weight loss goal that we have. This is also a barrier for us to switch a healthy lifestyle. However, there are many ways to handle such situations.

Cravings are a selective and non-selective desire towards a food. It is either to eat a certain kind of food or eat all kinds of food. One sure thing is that each craving causes too much eating. Thirst can cause cravings. It produces the same sensation to food cravings. Sometimes we misunderstand thirst as food cravings. That is why it is important to know the real cause of the cravings. You must have to be ready when this thing attacks your diet. If you do not know how to handle cravings, you must have an easy-to-grab snack

Being Right

Replace cravings by choosing the right kind of food. Eat the right amount at the right time. You can never go wrong if you are in the right part. The right kind of food on an HCG diet involves fruits, veggies, and proteins. The right meal portion is controlled to 500 calories a day on Phase 2. Each dieter must have a food scale to measure each food that is going to be cooked. Cravings are stopped if we follow the right protocol of the diet. One way to counter cravings is not to think of it at all.

The solution plan for VLCD

We often experience the cravings in the midst of the VLCD. This is normal in the first week of the diet because the body is still resetting. The body is still getting used to the protocol the same as with metabolism. The solution plan for this is to keep going. Consuming 500 calories a day is obviously not good for the body. However, VLCD with HCG is safe to do. That is why you need to keep going until you finish the diet process. HCG diet is made for this and is proven for so many years. There is no need to worry about health. The stability of the body will improve with the help of nutritious food. You can overcome cravings as long as you have the will to lose weight.