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Is fasting possible on the HCG diet? What would be its preparation? HCG diet allows intermittent fasting. This is an eating pattern those cycles between 2 periods. This is far different from a diet. It has no rules on what kind of food to eat. This is about when should you eat the food. There are fast foods that are safe for the HCG diet. Hunger will not be an issue in this case. However, it is an issue at the beginning of the diet. The purpose of fasting is for the body to process for a while. Fasting has also something to do with the hormones.

Make sure that if you are fasting, you are not starving yourself.  This kind of fasting is done from bedtime until the late afternoon. There will be a lot of exceptions. Be reminded of the HCG protocol. The rule of the HCG diet is stronger in here. Intermittent fasting is outsmarting the biological programming. This targets the cause of weight gain. This is done before starting the HCG Injections or 2 weeks before the HCG diet. Do not do any exaggeration in this kind of fasting.

There will be no carbs allowed at this moment. Carbs will stop the diet from the track. Make sure that the first meal in the evening is a good one. Get enough veggies and protein. Get some protein calories – but not all. Stick to the HCG diet at all time. Slow down over a couple of days if you see some weight loss. Make sure that you know all the rules in HCG and fasting. Do not do intermittent fasting if you have no enough knowledge about it. It is more important to do the HCG diet. However, if you really want to fast you can do this style.

Tips to do the fasting

  • Stay hydrated throughout the day
  • Avoid the foods that make you obsess and distracted
  • Stop thinking of foods—rest and relax
  • Stop doing hard activities or workouts
  • Do the calorie count—stay on the 500 calorie diet during Phase 2
  • Eat healthy foods such as fruits and veggies
  • Choose nutritious food such as fibers and rich in vitamins and minerals

People have practiced fasting for many years. However, the safety of it depends from one person to the other. People who are not healthy enough may experience any side effects. This is why it is more beneficial to do the HCG diet. It keeps a dieter healthy and will endure the diet duration. HCG diet promotes a healthy and balanced eating plan while it burns fats. Do some counseling with a healthcare expert before anything else. Choose a style that leads to the right intake of nutrients.